Essentials for the ultimate cosy night in

Summer is over and autumn has made an appearance, the darker nights are creeping in and it’s time to share with you the essentials you need for the ultimate cosy night in.

Throws and lots of them

As I write this post I’m sat snuggled up on the sofa under a big cosy throw with the dog by my side and it’s pure perfection. I love nothing more than getting all cosy under a good ol throw.


I don’t know how many times I can talk about candles in my post’s, the smell of candles burning when you’re having a cosy night in is amazing and something that I feel just sets off the atmosphere. 

Comfort food

I would say that I get my love of cooking comfort food from my mum, when I lived at home I used love coming home from college or uni and walking through the front door and just smelling a hearty stew and dumplings cooking. One thing I love doing over the autumn & winter period is using my slow cooker, putting loads of lovely ingredients into the slow cooker and just letting it cook throughout the day, the smells it leaves in the kitchen is unreal. 


I mean everyone loves snacks when it comes to nights in, I also steer towards ice cream, crisps, popcorn and sweets to accompany my night in.


Now this is the difficult part of a night in for me, I have to be in the mood to watch a specific type of movie and everyone always prefers different genres of films so choosing a film which everyone is happy with is a task in itself. 

Fluffy socks & Cosy pjs

If you don’t love fluffy socks & cosy pjs then you just need to leave, I find nothing more satisfying than having a bath/shower and having some fluffy socks and cosy pjs to jump into when I get out. Especially as the nights are getting colder now it’s the perfect way to ensure you’re snug as a bug. 

Hot drinks

I prefer hot drinks over cold drinks any day of the week, minus my obsession with iced coffees I’m a sucker for a large cup of coffee or tea to accompany me with my cosy night in or if I wanna go all out I’ll make myself a big cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows I think that’s a go to for nights in. 

Radiators on/fire burning

Now I’m not lucky enough to have a nice fire in my house, however I really want, I absolutely love having the fire on when I’m having a cosy night in, only when I go home to visit my parents do I get the luxury of that. I may not have a fire but I love it when summer is over and you can finally put the radiators on and make your home all warm and cosy. 

A person

Wether it be a partner, friend, parent or even furry friend to accompany you with your cosy night I find having company is the best way to spend cosy nights in. Now my boyfriend works away from home Monday to Friday so we only have Friday and sometimes Saturday evenings to have cosy nights in but when we do I absolutely love them. When I don’t have him here I always have my little Lou to keep me company and he always snuggles up with me on the sofa and it’s the best. 

So these are my essentials for the ultimate cosy nights in, what are your go to essentials for cosy nights in? Let me know over in the comments or over on twitter. 

Until next time 

S x

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