5 apps on my phone that I love to use

For today’s post I thought that I would give you guys a little sneak peek into my phone and discuss my 5 favourite apps that I have on my phone. 

Now I’ve seen a lot of my friends and families phone and seen they have so many apps on their phone, then I look at my phone and it’s very simple with very little apps, but the apps I do have on my phone are very useful apps and apps that I love using. 

Apart from the obvious social media apps which I always use, these are the 5 apps that I love to use too. 


Being completely honest I feel like as a blogger I still don’t fully understand the concept of Pinterest, right now I use it for blog ideas, house inspo, food/drink recipes but I absolutely love using it and I’ve gotta admit I must be on it every day. 


This is such a useful app for when you’re on the move, I’m not one for carrying around my laptop so my phone and a notebook will do me. I can write posts on the go, edit a post I’ve already started writing, read other people’s posts etc, I just find it so easy to use and so helpful. 


My friend suggested this app to me and I’m so glad I got it, I used to suck at remembering to track my periods but this app is so useful, you add the dates for how long your cycle lasts and it calculates when you’re due your period, yes you may be late or it may not be accurate but you can always change the dates. It’s also a great app to learn little insights about your body, there are articles and little quizzes, I love it. 

Free prints

Who can’t deny they love getting free pictures printed, with this app all you have to pay for is delivery. You get 45 free pictures EVERY MONTH. However I don’t use the free prints every month I tend to wait until I have 45 prints that I want to get printed. Me and Marko have decided we want to get loads of pictures in frames and make a nice display going up our stairs. 

7m workout 

Another app that a friend of mine suggested for me to get, this app is great to get a quick workout in if you don’t have time to go to the gym or you just need to fit in a quick workout into your routine. I love this app because I hate exercising but with this app you can literally workout for 7 minutes and feel satisfied with the workout, there are many different workouts for different parts of your body and if you want to do a longer workout then you can choose more than one to do. Each workout tells you how many calories you lose by doing it and it shows you how to do each specific workout. After each workout the app shows you how many calories you have lost which I think is great. Being completely honest I’ve went off track with my healthy eating and exercise but I couldn’t recommend this app more for people who might not like going to the gym or working out in front of people. 

So there we have it the 5 apps apart from social media that I love to use, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and getting a little bit more of an insight to what I love using on my phone.

Until next time 

S x 

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