Style evolution- A look back at my style over the years

Lately I’ve been thinking about the sort of posts I want to publish for you guys to read and I decided that looking back at how my style has changed over the years would be a fun post to write. So for today’s post I thought that I would take a look back at my style over the years, I chose 5 years to look back at and those years are 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2018. 

Lets just get straight into it shall we.



Okay so in 2010 I was 16 and I thought that wearing a big belt with everything would make my outfit better, I also tended to wear a white top. 

2010 x1

Okay so I don’t even know what this outfit is and why the hell I even went out in it and why my friends even let me go out in it to be honest, I don’t know who I thought I was and why I thought I looked good but this photo just makes me cringe big time.

2010 x2

Did anyone else do this pose and look this moody in pictures or was it just me? Also flower headbands was a thing in 2010 and crappy hair extensions which looked so shiny when I wore them, my hair wasn’t actually this long but I clearly thought I looked good.



I remember choosing to wear this outfit to go and see steps live in concert and in all honesty I don’t think it’s the worst outfit I’ve ever worn. I loved my nude heels and clearly loved wearing a ton of bracelets on one arm too. 

2012 x1

Told you I loved those nude heels, you can just about seem them in this picture, I also had a thing for the dropped back dresses back then too. However the thing sticking out to me in this picture is my bright pink blush, why the hell did I use so much, thank god I’ve learnt how to apply make up properly now. 

2012 x2

Now I must admit I loved this outfit, again with the back drop dress and this time I rocked the full fringe, I used to love having a full fringe but it was so hard to maintain so I changed my hairstyle a lot. However I think for being an 18-year-old I think this is a pretty decent outfit. 

2012 x5

Now this is another outfit which I now look back on and think what the fuck was I thinking, a small cropped top with high-waisted shorts, a blazer paired with high red heels and a matching red bag. I’ve gotta say I absolutely loved these heels though and they were a favourite pair to wear on the many nights out I went on. 

2012 x4

Moving away from the night out pictures now comes a picture from a holiday in Lanzarote, and I was obsessed with wearing this hat, god knows why but I wore it at any given opportunity, I believe this was our last night and minus the hat I don’t think it’s such a bad outfit. 


2013 x3

2013 brings in the era of red hair and I’ve gotta admit looking back at old pictures of me with my red hair makes me miss it and every now and again I get tempted to go back red but just like a full fringe it’s so hard to maintain. 

2013 x2

With this outfit I’m still unsure about it now, I actually remember picking this outfit and not being too keen on it because it wasn’t something that I was used to wearing. It was a grey skirt with a slit down the back, paired with a black top and chunky black heels. 


Not the best quality but I actually liked this outfit however the heels were a danger to myself an others around me, you can’t really see in this picture but on the back of the heels there were actually spikes and they were pretty sharp. This outfit was cute though a black skirt with a black & white blouse tucked in. 

2013 x5

I loved this outfit, although you can’t see the shoes I believe I paired it with a very high pair of brown heels. For me the hair was something totally new and different but I absolutely loved it. 



An outfit which I absolutely love and if I hadn’t gained weight this would be something that I would 100% wear now, this was an outfit I wore just to go for a few casual drinks with friends, simple cropped top paired with high-waisted jeans and black heels.

2015 x1

Another outfit which I love and something that I still actually own, this is something that I would 100% still wear today. 

2015 x2

I wore this outfit for my final weekend out in Sunderland before I moved away to Manchester. Nice simple outfit of white jeans, black blouse and black chunky heels. I still own the heels and love them, they’re so comfy cause they’re nice and chunky, I also still own the black blouse, I think I actually own 2 of the blouses.

2018 x2

That brings us to 2018, one thing to note is that I go on a lot less nights out now so it’s mostly chill outfits or if I do actually go out it’s what I wear now. Starting with a chill outfit, a good ol baggy jumper tucked into ripped jeans. 

2018 x4

During the summer I was loving off of linen trousers with a top tucked in, I must admit it was my go to outfit when the U.K decided to have that massive heat wave, this picture was taken at a family BBQ we decided to have one weekend.

2018 x7

Dresses with an oversized denim jacket and a simple pair of white pumps was also another look I loved over the summer period, such a simple outfit but a great look. 

2018 x8

I wore this outfit when I went to watch little mix and I actually really like it, again a nice simple outfit of an off the shoulder top with ankle grazer jeans and white pumps. 

2018 x9

This was an outfit I wore for a rare night out, for me this was a very brave outfit choice purely just for the green trousers, I would never usually wear anything like this but I saw the trousers and fell in love. The hair was also something out of my comfort zone but I actually really liked it.

And there we have it guys, my style evolution over the last 8 years, there’s some looks which I really regret wearing and just cringe thinking why did I ever go out looking like that but at the time it was a style that was in and I thought I looked good. 

I hope you enjoyed looking back on my styles with me.

Until next time 

S x 


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