5 tips to getting a better night sleep

In relation to a previous post I done 5 tips to becoming a morning person check it out here if you haven’t already, I thought that I would again share tips with you, I think this is becoming my new favourite thing to discuss.

This time round I’m going to share with you 5 tips on getting a better night sleep.

One thing that helps me when it comes to falling asleep is reading a book for me reading a book relaxes me completely and just makes me feel so tired, as soon as I put the book down I’ll fall straight to sleep. I recently read a book called million love songs, and I couldn’t put it down I absolutely loved it and I want to read it all over again. I love it when you find those kinda books that you could just read over and over again.

million love songs

Another thing that helps me when it comes to getting a good night sleep is to have a relaxing bath I love nothing more than having a steaming hot bubble bath with candles lighting the room and just switching off for an hour, I tend to watch YouTube videos or read while I’m in the bath & it relaxes me so much and helps me wind down.


Another thing that I’ve been doing and something that helps me have a good night sleep is not using my phone 2 hours before bed, I’ve found this so helpful recently I’m usually sat scrolling through my social media with friends on in the background till I feel so tired that I just fall asleep but recently I’ve been putting my phone away 2 hours before I go to bed and instead of putting the tv on or scrolling on my phone I pick up a book instead and it makes me sleepy enough to know I’ll have a great night sleep.

Something new that I’ve been adding to me getting a better night sleep routine and something that contradicts the last thing I said is actually playing rain music which is absolutely awesome, I know I shouldn’t be using my phone because of the no phone for 2 hours before bed rule but this is so relaxing and I will literally hear about 3/4 sounds before I’m fast asleep. However this isn’t for a lot of people, I tend to do this during the week when Marko isn’t here but I tried it one evening when he was here and he found it super annoying and it took him a while to sleep, but if you can deal with sounds on in the background while you’re trying to sleep then I highly recommend you play some soothing sounds, like I said I go for rain music and on Spotify it’s in the category night rain. 

night rain

My fifth and final tip to getting a good night sleep is to not fight it, I sometimes tend to wait to go to sleep until my eyes are stinging and I can’t keep them open any longer which means I could be awake till gone midnight and my friends know that’s not like me. If I’m tired by like 8/9pm and I want to go to sleep I’ve learnt not to fight and just go to sleep because trust me you will feel so much better the next morning. HOWEVER sometimes having an early night doesn’t do me any favours and I wake up the next morning even more tired than the night before which sucks, literally I’m either super tired where all I wanna do is sleep and chill out or I have tons of energy where I feel like I can conquer the world. 

And that’s it guys my top 5 tips for you to getting a better night sleep, I hope these may help some of you when it comes to getting a better night sleep.

Until next time 

S x


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