90s nostalgia- my favourite childhood tv programmes

Go grab yourself a cuppa tea, maybe so biscuits and get cosy while we go back to the 90s, this is a long one so buckle up.

When it comes to tv I will hold my hands up and say that I am a tv addict and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I love sitting down and watching a bit or ALOT of tv, usually with a cuppa or if I actually wanna adult I’ll have a glass of wine.

Even as a child I loved tv & that’s the whole reason for this post today, I want to sit down and reminisce about 90s tv and what I used to love watching as a child.

So last week while I was on my break at work I sat and googled 90s tv shows and wrote down a list of what I used to watch as a kid, originally I narrowed it down to a top 10 but then I kept seeing more and more shows that I used to watch and love so I’ve managed to narrow it down to a top 15. The top 15 are as follows



Rosie & Jim 


Tots Tv

Art Attack


Chuckle Vision 

Kenan & Kel

Magic School Bus


Sabrina the teenage witch


Wacky Races


Just writing down these programmes makes me very excited to discuss them. Like I said at the start I tried my best to narrow these down to a top 10 but I just couldn’t do it. Lets discuss shall we. 

Starting with my all time favourite ever childhood show and that was Brum. Brum ran from 1991- 2002 & for people who have never heard or seen it before it’s basically about the adventures of a little car who lives in a museum. He comes to life and goes on little adventures and I kid you not I used to get so excited to watch this show.


I love you, you love me we’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too. If you haven’t guessed already from that little song then following closely behind brum as a favourite was Barney, again for people who have never heard of barney before then first things first were you living under a rock as a child? Barney is a purple and green dinosaur who comes to life through a child’s imagination. Barney & his friends go on adventures, play games, sing songs and make learning fun for children. Barney ran from 1992-2009, I wasn’t even born when it first aired on tv but that didn’t stop me loving the show. 

Next on my list is Rosie and Jim which ran from 1990-2000, now this show was basically 2 rag dolls who lived aboard a narrow boat and just like Brum would go on adventures with the narrow boat owner, sometimes getting themselves into mischief, this was another one of those shows that I would look forward to watching. 


Now this next show was great & just like every show I’m going to mention I loved this show as a child and got a little bit excited when they said they were bringing it back or not, 24 or not I will happily sit and watch this show & that is the rugrats. The show ran from 1990-2006 and was a show focusing on life from a babies point of view. I know you should never have favourites but I loved Tommy & Chuckie and I can’t wait to see them bring it back.


Tots tv is the next show on my list, this show ran from 1993-1998, I was only 5 when it ended but I can still remember being a young girl and loving watching this show.  The show is based on 3 puppets named Tilly, Tom & Tiny and their adventures in their secret house.  Un, One, Deux, Two, Trois, Three, Tots Tv. I’m a tot, Je suis one tot, Tilly, Tom and Tiny, We’re the tots on tots tv, One, Two Three. 


Even after watching this next show for so many years I’m still nowhere near as creative as I thought I would be which sucks because I love being creative even if I’m not great at it & that show is Art attack. I remember as a kid I used to have the tiniest box room and I had a small tv which had a little slot for videos and I remember buying an art attack Christmas video and every Christmas I would try my best to make the art but always fail miserably. Art attack ran from 1990-2007. 


Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa & Po, THE TELETUBBIES, omg this bloody show was great, it ran from 1997- 2001 so lets just say that I watched it all through my childhood and loved it. I once wanted a Po scooter because Po was always my favourite but I never got one which makes me sad. The teletubbies play in the idyllic teletubbyland, they all have tvs in their stomachs so that they’re able to watch children (that just sounds weird) and a large pinwheel signals a magical event during each episode. The Teletubbies also have a hoover named noo-noo who is the Teletubbies housekeeper and acts as their guardian. 


Chuckle Chuckle Vision Chu Chu ckle Vision, to me to you. Chuckle Vision is an iconic show and actually aired before I was born, it was aired in 1987 and ran all the way till 2009. Chucklevison is a show with the chuckle brother Paul & Barry and the show is based around funny antics the brothers do. 


Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda, is it true? mmmhhmmm, I do I do I do ooh. Ahhh Kenan and Kel was a bloody awesome show and i absolutely loved it, even now at 24 I could still quite happily sit down and watch episode after episode of this show. It ran from 1996-2000 and was a sketch comedy show with two best friends. Aww, here it goes!


The magical school bus is the next show to discuss, now this show ran from 1994-1997, I mean the name says it all, this show was based on a school bus that went on field trips, the bus magically transforms into other modes of transport like a submarine, plane, spaceship or surfboard & it teaches the pupils onboard about science.


Recess is the next show on the list to discuss, this show was about 6 third graders, T.J, Ashley, Vince, Gus, Gretchen and Mikey. It was their mission to seek balance between conformity and individuality, and to protect the other kids on the playground. This show ran from 1997-2001 and this was one of the shows that I loved watching when I came home from school. 


Another show I used to love watching when I got home from school was Sabrina the teenage witch, title of the show says it all really, Sabrina Spellman came from a long line of witches and lived with her aunties, they taught her to use to use her witchcraft wisely. This show ran from 1996-2003, however if you haven’t already heard they’re bringing Sabrina the teenage witch back to Netflix BUT it’s not like it used to be, I only watched the trailer for it yesterday and the new show looks so much darker and sinister to the old school show but I’m kinda looking forward to watching it. 


Ahhhh Pingu the penguin, now this cartoon was bloody great and I loved watching it. It ran from 1990-2006 and was a swiss-britsh clay animated comedy tv series, based on pingu, his family and his friends who live on an ice cap. 


Wacky races, I mean this show was awesome and actually started airing in the 60s but that certainly didn’t stop me from watching it in the 90s and loving it. It was basically a car racing show with muttley the dog and Dick Dastardly always finding a way of cheating, it was just a great show which I loved watching. 


My 15th and final show to discuss is Arthur, this show ran from 1996- present day which I love because as a child I loved watching this show just like the previous 14 shows I’ve discussed. In the show Arthur demonstrates how to deal with childhood challenges such as homework, teachers and bullies, he also has to contend with his little sister DW who I loved watching as a kid because she just reminded me of me. 


And there we have it guys my top 15 90s shows that I loved watching as a child, first things first I’d like to thank you if you managed to stick around and read the whole thing. I hope all you 90s babies loved reminiscing on this post as much as I did writing it, I could’ve wrote a book on all the shows I used to watch because the list was so long. I encourage you to go onto YouTube and watch the theme songs to these shows just to reminisce even more. 

What were your favourite shows to watch as a child? I’d love to know, let me know over in the comments. 

What a post to come back with, I think this is the longest post I’ve EVER written but when it comes to talking about stuff I love I have a tendency to ramble on a bit so apologies if you thought this post was a bit too long but I absolutely loved writing it.

Until next time 

S x 

6 thoughts on “90s nostalgia- my favourite childhood tv programmes

  1. Cool! I didn’t think anyone else watched old cartoons from the 60s and 70s besides me lol! I had Boomerang so I’d watch Wacky Races and so many other shows like it there. But I watched a lot on this list, minus the British shows I don’t know about. Kenan and Kel, All That, Rugrats, Recess, Rocko’s Modern Life…90s had so many great cartoons. Makes me want to go back and binge on some when I get the chance. Nice read!


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