1 year later/plans for the future

So the 31st of August marked my 1 year blogiversary, I can’t actually believe I started this journey a whole year ago now. 

Today I thought I’d discuss how I’ve found my first year blogging and how I intend to carry on my blogging journey in the future. 

When I first started this blog I absolutely loved it and pushed myself 100%, I personally feel like this didn’t really do me many favours, yes I was publishing posts every day or every other day but I don’t think I was publishing the best content, in all honesty I was publishing posts because I felt like I needed to.

So this is when I decided to take a little break for my blog to concentrate on what I knew I’d enjoy writing and getting the best content out of it, doing this I fell in love with blogging again. I set myself goals, I delegated specific days on when I was going to publish my posts, and I didn’t push myself. Doing these things made me enjoy writing again and I didn’t feel so much pressure. I had fun writing, yes it might not have been the best content or content that people wanted to read but I was writing stuff that I enjoyed writing

After coming back from the break from blogging I got 2 months of posts out and it was posts that I loved writing, I was sticking to the schedule and goals that I set for myself and it was so helpful. Then the school holidays came around and I really didn’t have the energy or motivation to write so again I took another break and this brings us to today where I’m writing this post. 

Moving forward I’ve decided that I’m going to blog as and when I feel like it, no set days or times, I’ll keep you guys updated on when I plan to publish my posts so you’re kept in the loop but I feel it’s going to be less pressure on me to have set days and times to publish. For me I don’t feel like I blog for all the right reasons I write just to write and because it’s something I enjoy doing, I feel like other bloggers write because they want to make a career out of it and do all this proper stuff whereas for me I just write, take occasional photos and publish posts and yano what I’m happy with that and pretty content with how I’m now going to work with my blog. 

I’ve decided to take on other things too now, me and my best friend are planning on publishing content on our YouTube channel, which means filming content, editing etc, plus I’m still going to be working too and I feel like I can’t deal with too much pressure and doing things this way just works out right for me.

I’d love to know what you guys think about how I’m now going to be doing things, do you think it’s a good idea or not? 

Until next time 

S x

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