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I hope you’re all well

Here in the UK it is now the summer holidays, now for me this can be one of the busiest times at work especially as we have great new releases coming out. Meaning I should be working more meaning less time to work on blogs so I now need to start being more productive with my time, which leads me onto the point of this post. 

 I decided that I would list the tips I follow and how helpful they are for me & hopefully they can help you out if you need it too. Now I have 10 tips that I follow when it comes to blogging, I mentioned in my previous post that people struggle with writer’s block every now and again and listed 30 blog post ideas, if you haven’t already checked that out you can do so right here

My first tip is to make sure to have fun, when I first started my blog I always put so much pressure on myself to get posts written and published and to be honest I just wasn’t enjoying writing as much as I should, now I don’t put as much pressure on myself and I love writing posts for you guys to read & enjoy.

Tip number 2 is to be organised, now I’m guilty and have to admit that sometimes I’m not organised one bit and I’ve gotta say that it’s a struggle. I find it so much easier when I’m organised and know what I’m posting & when I’m posting it.

Tip number 3 is learn how to be less of a perfectionist, being completely honest I suck at this but I’m trying to get better, I always worry about what people will think about my posts or the way I write & that sometimes makes me not want to publish. Then I sit and think to myself yes you’re writing for people to read but you’re also writing because it’s something you love doing and you need to stop worrying. 

Tip number 4 sorta continues on from tip number 3 and that is be more confident in blog content you write, again this is something that I struggle with, I will always write a post or start writing a post then just stop because I don’t feel confident enough to publish it or continue to finish it, just like being less of a perfectionist this is something that I’m trying to work on and get better at, I need to always remember that whatever I write someone out there will enjoy it, even if it is just my mum or boyfriend. 

Tip number 5 is to set goals, I love setting goals for myself, not just for blogging but for life in general I just find it so much easier and it’s so helpful & motivating to know that you have goals that you need to hit. 

Tip number 6 is to be more active on social media, this is something that I’ve learnt is so helpful when it comes to blogging, talking to more bloggers, sharing your blog on social media platforms etc it helps so much and to be honest when I first started I didn’t really do this as much as I do now and I regret that. Ever since I started socializing more with bloggers it’s made me feel so much more confident in my blog & I’ve gotta admit the blogging community is bloody awesome and so so so lovely. 

Tip number 7 post how many times it suits you, for me I post 3 times a week, like I previously mentioned when I first started blogging I thought that I had to post every single day to be able to keep up the traffic but then I realised that’s not the case, as long as you talk about your blog on social media platforms and communicate with others your traffic will be constant, however for me there are days when my blog doesn’t get any traffic at all, yes this is disheartening but it’s something that I’m still trying to work on, you can’t let it get you down, you still have to continue to do what you love doing. 

Tip number 8 is have set days & times, again this is something that I find so helpful when it comes to my blog, so for me I publish my posts on a Sunday, Wednesday & Friday. These days help me as they’re split up and it gives me the days in between to work on more content or other commitments I have, ie work & housework. I also publish my posts at 6pm on these set days another thing I find helpful, I always know that at 6pm on these days there has to be a post published. However there are some days where I’ve finished work after 6pm and I haven’t yet finalised a post or haven’t added pictures etc and I have to delay posts for an hour or so but this is where social media comes in handy because you can let your readers know what it going on and they can then be kept in the loop. 

Tip number 9 is take all photos and try write x amount of posts in one day, recently this isn’t something that I’ve stuck to, I’m guilty of writing posts on the day that they’re meant to be getting published and this is another reason why sometimes my posts get delayed because I’m unorganised. So I have this tip of taking photos and writing posts all in one day, mainly on my days off just sit down for a few hours and focus all my concentration on my blog, this is definitely something that I need to start implementing into my routine on days off, instead of sitting watching tv sit in front of the computer and write or go for a walk and take pictures. 

Onto my 10th and final tip and this is something that I saw Anna Saccone Joly do over on her instagram account and I’ve found it so helpful and efficient for keeping on track. Basically I have 3 boxes, one with the letter p (pictures) next to it, one with a w (written) & one with another p (published) and all you have to do is tick off the box once you have done a specific thing for that days blog, I also have the dates that I publish above these boxes so I’m kept on track, see the below picture for a visual representation of what I’m trying to explain, this if from June. 

keeping on track

I hope you guys enjoyed this posts & hopefully you might start implementing these tips to help you with your blog too.

Until next time

S x

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