Post concert blues

Hey guys

Happy Friday, I hope you’re all well.

So last night me & my friend Sam went to see little mix, we ordered these tickets back in November last year so it’s been a long 8 month wait before we could see them but we were so excited. What a bloody concert it was, X factor 2017 winners Rak-Su were supporting act along with germein sisters. Me & Sam said back when they won the X factor that they would support little mix then a few months later they announced they were and we were even more excited, we’re kinda obsessed with them so couldn’t wait to see them live & lets just say they didn’t disappoint, some women behind us asked where we’ve seen them live before and we were like we haven’t we’re just obsessed and know all the songs off by heart, not even ashamed to admit that. 

So let’s start with a selfie, an outfit picture & pictures of me & Sam, I just wanna add I look really tanned in the outfit picture and it’s really sad cause I’m actually really pale. 

little mix & rak-su

Tour outfit

So tour outfit consisted of

Off the shoulder yellow & white stripped top

Ankle grazer jeans

White pumps

Black rucksack

All from Primark 

Now I wasn’t sure what content to add in here, I took A LOT of videos and when I mean a lot I mean snippets of every single song, I love taking videos at concerts cause I can look back in a few years at the experience. I also took pictures but because we were pretty far from the stage they weren’t the greatest quality, we were at the barrier just behind golden circle. 

Let’s start with Rak-Su pictures shall we. 


Like I said I took snippets of every song but I don’t want to bore you guys with all the videos so I’m just gonna add me 3 favourite ones that Rak-Su performed & they were dimelo, touché & pyro ting. 

Moving onto little mix pictures next & I’m not gonna lie I was kinda obsessed with Perrie last night, she’s my ultimate girl crush & I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of her. 

Here are a few of my favourite pictures. 

Now when it came to choosing which video’s to include I really struggled cause the whole set was great but I decided to go for my top 6, plus the added bonus of the fireworks at the end, I narrowed it down the best I could. The songs I went for were, the opening/touch, reggaetón lento, wings, little me, secret love song & power. 

So there we have it guys, my experience from the Little Mix summer hits tour 2018, I had an absolutely amazing night, my poor throat was killing me by the end of the night and it hurt for me even to talk but it was worth it cause I sang and danced all night long. 

Watching the girls last night however has really made me want to start-up a girl band, the amount of fun they seem to have and doing something that they love is amazing and just looks phenomenal.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I had fun reminiscing from the night, even though it was only last night. 

Until next time

S x

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