Making time for me

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog 

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting on Sunday like I usually do, recently I’ve been feeling really down, I’ve been doubting my blog & writing and it’s just made me not want to write. Being completely honest I tend to go through this a lot but I push through it and realise why I write and post content. This morning I woke up with a clearer mind and knew that I wasn’t going to stop doing something I love, I’m going to push even harder and put my all into it. However I do have to juggle my blog with working, house work & attempting a social life, yes this may not sound like much to a lot of people but it doesn’t take much for me to get stressed or extremely tired so that’s also why I’m writing this post today. Because of my down moods and feeling low I was looking through Pinterest at self-love/care and came up with 5 new routines I’m going to start implementing into my life & I wanted to share it with you guys

Let’s get into it shall we.

Turning my phone off for a few hours a day

So Marko has spent a lot of time at home recently, he had days off as holiday but he got ill meaning he had extra time off & being completely honest I feel like I’ve been on my phone a lot more. I know in a recent post I said that I wasn’t going to be on my phone as much when we were together but he’s played Xbox so while he was doing that I was on my phone & now I just sorta want a break from it for a while, so every day I’m going to turn my phone off for a few hours, I’m going to have a break from technology and social media etc. 

Read a good book

Leading on from the last self-love routine I added this one to my list, so while my phone is off and I’m having a break from technology and social media it’s the perfect opportunity to sit down and get completely lost in a good book. Now I used to be able to finish a book in about 1-2 weeks, I’ve currently been reading the same book for over a month now I would say. Yes it’s a very good book and I love it but nowadays I have to be proper in the mood to sit and read, or again I get distracted by my phone so this is why when my phone is off I’m going to pick up my book and read for a few hours. 


Something I love doing but don’t do enough of is baking, now then I had a discussion with Marko recently and he said you can’t be good at cooking & baking you can only be good at one of them what do you guys think about this? baring in mind I don’t bake as much as I cook I think the things I bake are relatively nice and I hope for his sake that the meals I cook are good & baring in mind I’m always the one that cooks. So yeah I want to start baking more & none of this baking from a box crap, I want to be baking from scratch, maybe I can pretend I’m on the great British bake-off & I’m cooking for Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood. 

Watch my favourite films

Now I absolutely love watching films & I thought to myself if I’m feeling down what is something that would cheer me up & I knew that watching one of my favourite films would automatically boost my mood. I’ve written a post about my all time favourite films, if you haven’t read it you can do so right here My favourite all time movies Depending on my mood that will decide what type of film i’d chose to watch, now I personally feel that my all time favourite films have a bit of variety, something uplifting, something that will make me cry like a baby, I’m sure there will be something that can get me out of my funk. 

Hot candle lit bubble bath, wine & a face mask

I already love having baths but there are times when all I wanna do is have the longest bubble bath surrounded by candles, a face mask on, glass of w and some nice relaxing music. For me I find this is the nicest and easiest way to wind down and relax, it makes me feel so much better in myself too, whenever I’m feeling down the first thing I do is always run a bath and I come out with a whole new lease of life and feel like a new woman & I love that. 

There we have it, 5 self-care routines I’m going to implement into my life. I’m hoping that this is going to start making me feel better in myself and a lot happier. 

Until next time 

S x

6 thoughts on “Making time for me

  1. You should be proud that you juggle all the different things in your life- it’s an achievement. And I go through times where I doubt my writing but I loved your writing in this post, so easy to read. I hope you feel better soon.
    These are great ways to relax. I have been trying to keep my phone in my room so when I am downstairs I don’t keep going on my phone but focusing on the people around me. Books and TV are my go to when I am feeling down- great distraction and they make me feel happier. And reading always motivates me to write.
    Great post!! 😊💛


    1. Thank you so much, comments like this just boost my mood so much so I really appreciate it. I’m starting to feel a lot better thank you. See I love watching tv but I end wasting days off binge watching tv when I feel like I could be doing other things. Thank you again for enjoying this post 💕 x

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