July goals

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog

First things first I’d like to wish my wonderful mum a very happy birthday, apart from Marko & my best friend Georgia she is someone who absolutely loves reading my blog posts and I know she’s going to be reading this one, so happy birthday mum, I love you. 

mama and me

Now then I realise I could’ve combine this post with my goodbye June post, if you haven’t read that already I talk about my June goals and if I managed to hit them or not, you can check it out here Goodbye June but I thought that I would do a separate post for you guys to enjoy and it’s all about my July goals. Now I had fun writing my June goals and trying to complete them throughout the month and I love a challenge so knew I’d love setting myself goals.

Now the first two goals for the month I’m going to combine into one, they’re both similar and is something that I mentioned I would do last month but don’t think I done a very good job, those goals are to be more time efficient & to not waste my days off. I mentioned in my June goals that usually on my days off I’d just binge watch tv all day, but seen as though we’re having very lovely weather right now I’m spending a lot more time in the garden and actually being a lot more productive with my days off. 

Next goal is another one that I set myself last month and stuck too so I’m setting it again this month in the hope that I can continue & that is to publish a post 3 times a week. Luckily I already have a list of posts that I want to write about so hopefully I shouldn’t struggle and will definitely stick to the 3 posts a week. 

Moving onto the next goal and that’s to have between 50-100 views on each post I write, now lately my views have been up and down, there’s days I do really well then days when I just think what’s the point. Now I know it’s not all about the numbers, well for me it’s not anyways, I write because I love it, but when it comes to you writing a really good post that you think people will enjoy and then it just doesn’t get the traffic you were expecting it is a little disheartening if I’m being completely honest. 

Carrying on with numbers my next goal is to gain between 10-20 new WordPress followers, I recently just hot 50 followers which I was so happy about so this month I’m aiming to gain a few more. 

My next goal is something which I think I’ll struggle with if I’m honest and that is to get at least 1 collab with a brand. For me I just think being able to work with a brand would boost my confidence when it came to blogging so much more but I just don’t know how to go about it. Do I wait for brands to get in touch with me? do I reach out to brands? if I do how do I go about it? there’s just so many questions. Now I do have blogging opportunities on my Facebook page and see stuff on my twitter feed but majority of the time a lot of brands want someone with a high DA which is fair enough and mine just isn’t that high right now, but yeah I’d love it this month if I could work with a brand, it’ll be fun. 

Final goal for the month again revolves around numbers, but like I said before it’s not about the numbers for me I just love being able to hit targets, so my final goal is to beat last months views. I ended June on a total of 631 views which I was very happy about that, but yeah I strive for more and I would love more people reading my blogs. Like I’ve said before I absolutely love writing and if I say so myself I think I’ve gotten better since I first started & all I want is for people to enjoy reading what I write. 

So there we have it guys, my goals fo July, let me know over in the comments if you have any goals for the month and what they are. 

Until next time

S x

2 thoughts on “July goals

  1. Aww, I’m sure you’ll do great with your July goals! As for brands, there’s no harm in reaching out and asking them. Worse case scenario, they’ll say no, which might be difficult, but at least you’ll know you’ve tried! Also, there are some blogging websites (such as Bloggers Required) which you can sign up for and apply for opportunities. It could be worth looking into that if you haven’t already.

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