Third time lucky

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog

Happy July

I’m so excited for a new month of blog posts, I have so much planned. I had so much fun last month with my posts & I’m equally as excited for this month. 

My first post of the month is going to be about my trip to the zoo today, this post will mainly include pictures, I took ALOT.

So enjoy

Okay so today me & one of my best friends Kelsie took a trip to ZSL Whipsnade zoo, we left at 9:30am, I was shattered as I got home from work at 1:30am and didn’t get to sleep till 2:30am but the tiredness soon shifted as soon as we got to the zoo. I was literally like a kid at Christmas, I absolutely love zoo’s but I was way more excited today because I knew I was going to see the elephants. If people are new and don’t already know elephants are my favourite animal and I couldn’t wait to finally see them. This is the third time I’ve been to a zoo now, each time I was taken to see elephants and they weren’t there so this is why I was so excited because I was finally going to be able to see them. 


Let’s just start with the first picture of the day that I took & of course it’s a selfie of myself, My outfit choice was a red maxi dress, paired with white pumps & a backpack

So the first animal we managed to set eyes on were the brown bears, now there were 3 and they were quite far away so didn’t manage to get the best photos. 2 of them were off in the distance play fighting, while the other was cooling down in the pool, they were amazing though and so fun to watch. 


Moving on we headed up to the penguins, now I love penguins, I always find they’re the best & easiest to take photos of, they tend to just stand and let you take them & as you can see I managed to get some great ones. One thing I must say is that the view when we were with the penguins was amazing, picture below says it all. 

penguin view


Next we took a little wonder and had a look at the Rhino’s, 3 of them were out enjoying the sunshine then we found this guy choosing the better option and staying out of the sun and taking a nap.

Next stop the Giraffe’s, now I kid you not when I say when we saw the sign to these we literally ran to go and see them. Just like elephants I absolutely love giraffe’s, Marko’s really tall so I call him my giraffe, cringe I know but it’s just a thing that’s kinda stuck. I got so excited seeing these guys and as you can see got some pretty awesome pictures of them.


We thought we’d pop by and visit the tiger next, at first he was lying down near the entrance but then got up and started pacing back and forth. 4 baby cubs have just recently been born at the zoo but for obvious reasons they weren’t outside. As we were walking past the tiger talk was taking place and the speaker mentioned that just like normal cats the cubs eyes are still closed so they navigate with the help of their parents which is why they aren’t allowed out.

I managed to capture a video of the tiger pacing which I thought was awesome.

Right here we go, I’m going to discuss the next part before I add the images, after the tiger we headed to the main part of the zoo trip, the ELEPHANTS!!! As I mentioned at the start of the post elephants are my favourite ever animal & the whole point of this trip was so that I could finally see them. Again as previously mentioned, I’ve been to 2 different zoo’s to see elephants, both trips I didn’t see them because they weren’t there. I knew this trip to the zoo I was finally going to be able to see elephants and I was so excited about this. Kelsie decided that she would make me close my eyes and she would lead me towards the elephants and when they were in plain sight I would open my eyes. I’m attaching the video she took of me and you guys can see my reaction to seeing elephants for the first time. I do want to apologise for the language but I hated having my eyes closed I felt like she was going to walk me into a tree or something, she’s that kinda friend. 

Now onto the picture’s, now I must have took about 150-200 pictures of the elephants alone, majority of them were exactly the same so I deleted some of them, I still have 73 photos to be precise but these are just a few of my favourite ones. 


elephant x 1

elephant x2

elephant x4

elephant x5

elephant x3

elephant x8

I also managed to get this video of the elephants which I absolutely love.

Adding a few extra pictures from the day, in the butterfly garden & a few pictures of me & Kelsie. 

me, kels & the elephants





So I thought I’d end this post with a picture of the bits I treated myself too in the gift shop, if you didn’t already know I loved elephants, you do now.

Gift shop gifts

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I had an absolutely amazing day & want to do it all over again. 

Until next time

S x

2 thoughts on “Third time lucky

  1. Ahhhh! I really need a trip to the zoo. Your pictures are lovely, I especially like the giraffe and elephants. Also, love what you got from the gift shop – they are so cute!

    Oh, and you look wonderful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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