Goodbye June

Hey guys 

Oh would you look at that today is another long one, so yeah you guessed it, it’s that time again to go grab a beverage and snack of choice while you read this. 

So today is my final post in June, what a month it’s been. Now I would say that this is the first month since I started my blog that I’ve really enjoyed writing. I think It’s because I’m interacting more with more bloggers, I’m being more active on my social media platforms, it’s just been so much more fun for me. Another thing is that I don’t feel like I’ve put as much pressure on myself as I did at the start. When I first started blogging I thought that I had to blog every single day, while trying to work as well I just felt so much  pressure and I just felt in myself that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I should. 

Now at the start of June I wrote a post about my June goals, if you haven’t already read it you can find it here June Goals and I thought that for today’s post I would look back on them goals and see if I managed to hit them. 

Now I set myself personal and blogging goals so we’ll start with the blogging goals. 

My first goal was to post 3 posts a week, I mean it’s not that hard to keep to 3 posts a week but I think that because I’m enjoying it more now I love posting and 3 posts a week gives me time to prep posts in-between publishing, it gives me enough time to work out what I want to post and when I want to post it, instead of constantly worrying that I have to post daily. 

My second blog goal was to take more pictures, now yes I’ve taken more pictures, like I take pictures every day but my aim was to take more pictures to feature in my blog and I just haven’t really done that, baring in mind the last 2 weeks I’ve kinda had a lot of time off work but Marko has been ill so we haven’t actually been properly out, we’ve just been to our local park and that doesn’t really have much photo-op. This is definitely something that I wanna work on for July. MUST TAKE MORE PICTURES. 

Third blogging goal was to be more productive on my days off, now I’m kinda 50/50 with this cause like I just mentioned I’ve had a lot of time off work recently and I’m going to be completely honest I haven’t used it wisely, but in all fairness when I’m off work for long periods of time I do just like to relax and not have to worry about other things, yes I love writing and I have been keeping up to date with my blog but there are days when I just don’t wanna do anything. Saying that, I have managed to get a whole months worth of blog posts planned for July, I’ve set myself goals again which I’m planning on blogging about again, so this is why I’m 50/50 cause yes some days I haven’t been productive but some days I’ve been mega productive. 

Now I remember merging my last 2 goals into one because they were very similar and they were to be more active on my social media platforms and to interact more with other bloggers, both of which I think I’ve done very well. I remember before I started enjoying blogging I’d be on my twitter and there’d be a tweet like once every week, now I’m posting at least 3/4 time A DAY which I love, I’ve also started to talk about my blog more on my instagram. The thing with my instagram is that it’s completely private, so only my current followers can see what I post, with being a blogger shall I change my privacy settings so more people can see my posts? let me know over in the comments what you think. The other goal was to start communicating more with other bloggers and I think that’s something that I can say I’ve achieved this month, I love talking to other bloggers, I love reading their blogs, I love them reading my blogs and getting feedback. Like I said this has been by far one of my favourite months of blogging so far and the blogging community on twitter is bloody awesome. 

Moving onto my own personal goals now and the first one was to spend less time on my phone. So I messaged Marko while I was writing this post, I was in the garden and he was in the house hence why I messaged him & asked him if he thought I’d spent less time on my phone and he said yeah. Whenever we’re together we tend to put our phones aside and just relax together, only time I really went on my phone is when he was playing Xbox, he was on his phone or if he was asleep before me, other than that the being on my phone less has been successful. 

Oh, now then personal goal number 2 was to scrapbook more and let’s just say I’ve definitely failed this goal, I did however purchase a new scrapbook so I could start all over again but I just never did. Maybe this could be another goal to attempt again in July, I have all the pictures and little keepsakes that I wanna add into the book I just need to bloody do it. 

My last personal goal was to read at least one book a month, now I haven’t finished the book I’m reading but I am about half way through. I don’t read every single day/night but when I fancy reading a few chapters I do pick it up. The book I’m currently reading is The sudden departure of the Frasers by Louise Candlish, for anyone who hasn’t read it it’s such a great book. I am planning on writing a book review on it when I finally finish it so keep an eye out for that. 

So there we have it guys, my final blog post of June. As I’ve mentioned so many times this has been a fun month for me and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this months posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Here’s to another fun month of blogging. 

Until next time 

S x

3 thoughts on “Goodbye June

  1. I think it depends if you’re comfortable sharing your Instagram. I have two separate accounts, one for myself and one for Twitter. It’s hard keeping on top of both (my personal one has become a bit sidelined) but I much prefer it this way.

    Well done on achieving some of your goals! I’ve seen you being more active on Twitter and it makes me so happy.

    Hope July is good to you 🙂

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