A look back at my childhood

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog

First things first what a bloody beautiful week we’re having, unfortunately Marko has been very ill so we’ve just been relaxing in the garden enjoying the sunshine, however I did manage to get really sunburnt yesterday so now I’m very uncomfortable and very red. 

So at the start of the week I found a ton of childhood pictures and I knew straight away that I wanted to share these pictures with you and kinda explain them to you. 


So lets just get straight in with the first picture and it’s of me and my brother, now I have to admit this has to be one of my favourite pictures of me and my brother, I must only be about 1 here maybe, but I just love it. My brothers smile is just the best, I on the other hand just look so gormless. 


Picture number two is a great picture of myself, I kinda love and hate this picture, I love it because I just look so god damn happy, but then again I look at it and just like damnnnn my parents must’ve hated me for putting me in an outfit like this haha, I mean I wouldn’t have minded it with just the dress but why do I have to have a matching bloody hat. 


Third picture is of me and my grandma, first things first I have no idea why she’s holding one of our pet dogs ashes but hey ho, this is my favourite picture of me and my grandma. I lost my grandma when I was 15 and she was like my best friend and I don’t have any pictures of us when I was a little bit older so yeah, this picture will always hold a very special place in my heart. 


4th picture and back to another picture of me and my brother, now I’m a little bit older in this picture and you can just see by how happy we are as to how close we were as children, maybe not as close now that we’re older. I also miss my blonde hair. 


Picture number 5 and it’s my beautiful mum, myself and my brother, as kids we went on holiday ALOT and I loved it, we once spent Christmas in Spain and it was such a great holiday, it would be very difficult to get us all to go on holiday now. 


Picture number 6 and we’re sticking with the holiday pictures, just look how happy I am in this picture, also check out my outfit, repping the Barbie top, I was obsessed with barbies as a kid, I mean who wasn’t right?


Picture number 7 and oh would you look at that, another holiday picture, so the thing I love most about this picture is the shoes I’m wearing. When it came to holidays I was absolutely obsessed with these shoes, they had a little bit of height to them, they were super comfy and I clearly paired them well with the outfit I was wearing. Also another favourite picture of me and my brother. 


Moving on to picture number 8 now, and it’s a picture of myself, my brother, my dad and my granddad. Now where I was born & my current hometown there was and still is now a hot air balloon festival every year, and I kid you not this was one of the best things ever. Me and my family went every year, we would watch the hot air balloons drift off into the sky. The balloons were amazing too, there was action man, Bertie Bassett, animals, you name it there were all sorts of balloons, there were fair ground rides & stalls too, it was great. Every year I would buy this fabric snake, it was attached to a piece of plastic and it was my favourite thing. This festival went on all day and into the evening, the evening would see a line of hot air balloons lit up and it looked amazing, they would set off fire works and everything. As a kid I looked forward to this every single year. Like I said it is still running now but being completely honest it isn’t as great anymore, but I’ve gotta admit whenever I see a hot air balloon in the sky I get so excited it just brings back so many memories from my childhood. WOW that was a long explanation of that photo. 


Now then onto the 9th and final photo, I just HAD to save this one for last, I wasn’t sure whether or not to post it but when I showed my mum and dad they laughed so much that I knew I just had to include it. Now I’m guessing I’m around 7 here and there’s just a few things I need to point out with this picture. First thing is the can of carling on the floor, no it wasn’t mine, that was my dad’s seat, Yano when parents have a seat that they ALWAYS sit in, well that was his. Second thing is what the hell am I wearing on my lips, yup you’re seeing things right I’m wearing SILVER lipstick in this photo, god knows where I got it from and god knows why I bloody put it on, but clearly I was rocking it. Third and final thing is what were my parents thinking when they bought that furniture, from this picture it looks like velvet furniture, we clearly didn’t mind it at the time but looking at it now I’m sat here thinking what the hell haha.

And there we have it guys a little look back at my childhood, I had so many more photos but these were my favourite 9. I knew for a fact I would love writing this post and it just bought back so many memories for me, memories that I will cherish forever. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it too and had a good little laugh at a younger me and my outfit and terrible make up choices. 

Until next time. 

S x 

3 thoughts on “A look back at my childhood

  1. I LOVE seeing people’s pictures from when they were younger! I definitely chuckled a bit at that last one 😉 Some lovely stories to accompany them, too. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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