My top 5 ‘based on true events’ films

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog

First things first, you might wanna grab a cuppa tea and maybe a few biscuits before you sit down and read this, its a long one. 

There’s nights when I lie in bed nodding off to sleep and all of a sudden blog post ideas start racing through my mind, I lay and ponder whether or not I should write them down or leave them till morning and just go to sleep. I’m the worst person when it comes to remembering stuff so I wake myself from my sleep to jot down these ideas. 

Recently I had one of those nights and I knew straight away that I had to write down these ideas because I just knew how much fun I would have writing about them. 

Now I’m a sucker for films, wether that be Disney, comedy, romance films you name it I love it, but out of every type of film genre I’m drawn so much to films based on true events. 

While Marko & Louie took a nap I decided to sit down at my desk and write down a list of all of my favourite based on true events films, I had 16 in this list that I could watch over and over again and never get bored of, I could’ve happily sat for a good few hours talking about every single one of these films but I whittled it down to my top 5, I’m not going to put them in any specific order cause the 5 I have chosen are all great films. I’m going to discuss when the film was released, main characters, plot and why it’s in my top 5. 

So let’s get started shall we.

Film number 1 is Pearl Harbor, this film was released in 2001, it’s a war/drama film starring Ben Affleck & Josh Harnett, both gorgeous looking men might I add. The film is based on the attack of the Pearl Harbor from the Japanese on December 7 1941. Now I have always loved this film and without fail will cry like a baby every single time I watch it. Baring in mind I was only 8 when this film was released I can remember the first time I watched it and I just remember falling in love with it. It’s such an emotional film but such a great watch and if you haven’t already seen it then please go and watch it. 

Film number 2 is Titanic, this film was released in 1997, it’s a romance/disaster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet. The film is based on two different social classes meeting on a boat and falling in love, in the early hours of April 15 1912 the RMS titanic crashed into an iceberg, there was an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew onboard the titanic, 1,500 of those died, leaving an estimated 705 survivors. For me this film HAD to be in my top 5, again another one that has me sobbing, but just such a great film. 

Film number 3 is Lion, now this film is only 2 years old being released in 2016, it’s a biographical drama starring Dev Patel & Nicole Kidman. Its based on a boy named saroo who after being separated from his family for 25 years sets out to find them. I remember watching this film with a few of my friends and I just couldn’t keep the tears in, it’s such a heartwarming and lovely film, I would definitely recommend you see it if you haven’t already. I must also add that Dev Patel’s acting in this film is phenomenal, I remember watching him in skins and seeing him act in this was amazing. 

Film number 4, is unbroken, it was released in 2014, was directed by Angelina Jolie and stars the amazing Jack O’Connell. This film is based on Olympian Louis Zamperini, when WW2 starts he is enlisted into the military but after his plane crashes he spends 47 days in a raft before he is captured by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner of war camp. Just like Dev Patel I remember watching Jack in skins, I must admit I did have a crush on him, but again his acting in this film is incredible, actually in everything I’ve seen him in his acting is amazing and he’s one of my favourite actors, another film I would recommend. 

Film number 5 & the final one from my list is hacksaw ridge, just like Lion this film is only 2 years old being released in 2016. It’s a drama/history film, it was directed by Mel Gibson and stars the amazing Andrew Garfield & Vince Vaughn. This film is based on a young man named Desmond Doss, who enlists in the army to serve as a combat medic. From his upbringing and nearly killing his brother Desmond strongly follows by the commandment that ‘thou shalt not kill’ With this he sticks by his word of never picking up a weapon or killing anyone. Desmond made American history by being the first man to receive the medal of honour without firing a shot. By doing this he saved 75 soldiers by doing his profession and being a combat medic. This is one of those films that I could continue to watch and still love it no matter how many times I’ve seen it. The bravery & courage of this young man was remarkable and he truly deserved the medal that he received. 

So there we have it, my top 5 ‘based on true events’ films, I’m kinda glad that I narrowed this down to a top 5 because if talked about more than 5 you guys would be reading it for days. 

I hope you enjoyed this post because I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

Let me know over in the comments what you’re favourite ‘based on true events’ films are. 

Hope you guys have a great week.

Until next time.

S x




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