Nintendo switch- Product review

Hey guys

It’s officially the weekend woohoo!!!

Recently me and Marko purchased a Nintendo switch, we’ve actually wanted one for a while and we finally got round to buying one which we were both very excited about. 

I ran a poll over on my Twitter again to see if you guys would like a review on this product, majority of the vote with 90% said yes you’d love to see a review, so to the 10% that said no I apologise but here’s the review.

I am going to point out I’ve never done a review in my life so this is a first and I apologise if it’s not great and I don’t cover everything. 

Baring in mind we’ve only had this for a few days we actually love it. We have 4 games so far which are Mario cart & monopoly which were my choices & fifa & nba which were Markos choices.


So far I’m kinda obsessed with Mario cart at the moment but the thing with me when it comes to playing it is that I get far too competitive and very loud, I shout at the tv A LOT. We’re actually planning on playing monopoly tonight which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing main reason because again I get far too competitive and go in a mood if I don’t get my own way.

image 1

The great thing with the switch is that you can either play it on the switch itself or connect it to your tv which is great, the screen is big enough to play on the switch but I definitely prefer playing it through the tv. 

The graphics on the switch are amazing, they’re absolutely great and I really have nothing bad to say about them, the screen is nice and bright too. 

The reason it took us so long to actually buy one was that we were kinda put off by the price, but over the weekend we saw that smyths had a deal on for £309 for the switch and one game, we thought this was a great deal and like I said we wanted one for ages so had to snap it up. Baring in mind we got 3 games on top of this the overall price came to £386 which for the switch and 4 games we thought was great. 

image 2

If someone was to ask me if I would recommend the switch then I would 100% say that I would recommend it, it brings hours of fun for families, partners or just for yourself. With such a wide variety of games this console is perfect for people of all ages to have some fun. 

image 3

Let’s just say even mr Lou enjoys watching me play. 

If you do have any questions about this product then please don’t hesitate to ask me over in my comments. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, here’s to a very happy weekend.

See you Sunday 

S x


4 thoughts on “Nintendo switch- Product review

  1. Great post. I love playing Mario Kart! I think my favourite thing about it is either playing it through your TV or in your hand. It’s pretty comfortable to hold as well, which I wasn’t sure it would be given its size. x

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