My travel bucket list

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well. 

 I’m a sucker for a good ol holiday, I mean who isn’t right and I must say that I have very expensive taste when it comes to holiday destinations & I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you guys my travel bucket list. 

This list was made by me & Marko and they’re designations we both really want to travel to. I had a list as long as my arm and I ran a poll over on my twitter to decide wether I should discuss all my travel destinations or narrow it down to a top 5 and majority of the vote got narrow it down to the top 5 which I must admit was difficult but I just about managed it. 

So here we go my top 5 bucket list holiday destinations, this list is in no particular order. 

 Let’s start with Croatia, Marko has family in Croatia and ever since we’ve been together I’ve always wanted to go, the pictures I’ve seen look amazing and just makes me so excited to finally visit. 


Next destination is the Maldives, when it comes to this place I feel like I’d need to save for a very long time to be able to afford to go here but it’s one of the places that I MUST visit.


Destination number 3 is Santorini, this is another destination where I’d need to save again but this place looks absolutely stunning and is a must when it comes to a holiday destination 


Venice is the next destination on the list, Italy looks like such an amazing place to visit and all I can ever think about is how much pasta I could eat, I bloody love pasta. I’d also love to ride a gondola. 


Okay so I’ve cheated a bit here and I couldn’t choose between these two destinations so I’ve just combine them into one and they are California & L.A. California for the beaches they look bloody amazing & when it comes to L.A I’d want to visit the Hollywood sign, Hollywood boulevard, the walk of fame, the list goes on. 



So there we have it, my top 5 bucket list holiday destinations. 

Me & Marko are actually planning on visiting Croatia next year which I’m very excited about. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have a bucket list for holiday destinations, let me know what they are, I want to add to my list. 

S x

5 thoughts on “My travel bucket list

  1. Venice is so beautiful! If you go there make sure to take the ferry to the nearby island of Burano. It is supercute with all the coloured houses, a highlyight of my visit to Venice! My bucketlist: Patagonia, New Zealand, Alaska, Namibia and Oman 🙂 Seriously bitten by that travel bug too 😉

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