June Goals

Hey guys

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

We’re in June wow, half way through 2018 already, I remember saying half way through February how slow this year was going and now look. The second half of the year for me is always my favourite I just seem to always have more planned and I’m really looking forward to the next 6 months. 

Seen as though I’ve been away from blogging for a while I thought that I would set myself some goals for this month. These goals are a mix for blogging and personal.

Let’s start with my blogging goals for the month.

First goal for the rest of the month is to continue to post 3 times a week, I set myself this goal when I decided to start blogging again and so far it seems to be working. I decided that I would post on set days which are Wednesday’s, Friday’s & Sunday’s, this gives me plenty of time in-between days to work on posts. 

Second goal is to take more pictures. I absolutely love taking pictures, mainly of my dog, but I really need to start taking more pictures to feature in blog posts, I tend to take a lot of my pictures when I’m walking, either walking the dog or walking to and from work. Now that the weather is becoming nicer I’m hoping to get some really nice pictures. I use my phone for taking pictures, I have the iPhone X & one thing I tend to do is use the portrait mode, this just makes the picture look 10x better and I’m kinda obsessed with it. 

Third goal is to be more productive on my days off, I’m terrible when it comes to my days off I tend to just waste my days catching up on tv & I need to start using my days off wisely like going to take pictures or writing posts for the upcoming weeks. In quite periods at work I tend to have 3 days a week off work, those 3 days can be so useful but I just tend to waste them away. 

I’m going to merge my last 2 blogging goals together because they’re similar, the first one is to start being more active on social media, mainly instagram & twitter which I personally think I have been, I’m tweeting a lot more and I tend to post on Insta a lot anyways but I just want it to be a lot more frequent. The final goal is to start interacting more with bloggers, I follow a lot of bloggers on twitter but I rarely speak to them, I’m the worst person when it comes to talking to people, so if you follow me on twitter come say hey. But yeah I definitely want to start talking to fellow bloggers, maybe get some tips and tricks from people who have been doing this longer than I have. 

Moving onto my personal goals for the month now and I’m going to start with one that my boyfriend is going to be happy with and that’s spending less time on my phone. No matter where I am I will ALWAYS have my phone with me, Marko, my boyfriend for people who don’t know, works away during the week so I only have Friday-Sunday with him and during that time I try my best to spend as less time as possible on my phone and focus on spending time with him and so far it’s going well, so yeah spending less time on my phone is the first goal of the month. 


Second personal goal for the month is to start scrapbooking again, I started a scrapbook last year full of pictures of me, Marko & Louie because I wanted to look back in a few years time and remember all of the memories we’ve shared together. I’ve just recently got some pictures printed and I’m excited to add them into the ever-growing scrapbook. 


Onto my final personal goal for the month and that is to read AT LEAST one book, I used to read every night before bed and it helped me wind down so much, now I tend to watch tv till I fall asleep, not good, one thing I have started to do is not be on my phone 2 hours before I go to bed this does actually help me fall asleep a lot quicker. So instead of picking up the tv remote when I get into bed I’m going to start picking up a book & I’m going to start with the book that is at the top in the picture ‘the sudden departure of the Frasers’ I have actually almost finished this book once I got all the way to the last few chapters but I put it down one night and just didn’t pick it back up again. So I’ve decided that I’m going to restart it because it’s such a great book. If you have any good book recommendations then throw them my way in the comments. 

So there we have it guys my goals for June, I hope you enjoyed this post cause damn I had fun writing it, I had westlife playing loudly as I wrote.

Let me know in the comments what you’re June goals are.

S x





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