New York New York

Hey guys, I’m back.

Today’s blog post is going to be about something I talked about briefly in my last blog post and that is my trip to New York and I’m so excited to talk about it.

So let’s get straight into it, I booked a holiday for me and Marko back in August last year, it was meant to be a surprise for him but I just couldn’t keep it quite and just had to tell him, and from the moment we booked it I just couldn’t keep my excitement hidden, I was counting down the days right up until the day came and once it came around I almost wet myself with excitement. We went for 5 days and I’ve gotta say it’s been one of THE best holidays I’ve ever been on.

The pictures above are my 3 favourite pictures that I took before we got to New York, I took A LOT of pictures while I was there and when I say I took a lot I took a lot, Marko kept moaning at me because I was taking a lot of pictures of the same thing, I hold my hands up to that but I was just loving my life.

Now enjoy my day-to-day run down of our trip to New York. 

Right I only took 2 pictures on our first day there, we got to our hotel around 3/4pm as we got lost, we walked right past our hotel (we were 9th ave and we walked down to 11th ave) before we asked and realised we walked straight past it, so our first afternoon/evening was very chill as I forgot my trainers so only had heeled boots and my feet were absolutely killing me. We decided to eat and Wendy’s and we quickly became obsessed with the place and we would’ve happily ate there every night (we didn’t though)

So our first full day we started it by having breakfast at a recommend place by my friend Courtney called Ellen’s star dust diner, we then went onto Times Square, Central Park (which is absolutely beautiful), saw the plaza hotel (where home alone was filmed for people who don’t know) and just explored the city a little bit. Enjoy the pictures. 

Our second day was the 1st March which was our 2nd year anniversary, we didn’t really have much planned it was just another day where we wanted to experience the city and that’s just exactly what we done. The best thing about the whole day was going to the top of the rock, the views took my breath away. We went up around 4:45 so we were there during the daytime, as the sun was setting and in the evening so I managed to get some really nice pictures. In the evening we decided to stay in our hotel and eat, the setting was beautiful (quite loud as there was a staff outing or something) other than that it was lovely but VERY expensive, it cost us $25 for half a pint and a glass of wine which we thought was very pricey, meaning we both just stuck to the one drink. We both went for a burger and fries for our meal which was lovely. 

Day three was a VERY cold and wet day, as everyone back in the UK was dealing with the beast from the east over in NYC we received the snow, rain and wind which sucked but certainly didn’t stop us from doing more exploring, which we definitely regretted by midday, baring in mind we were up, ready and out of the hotel by 8/9am every day, this day just defeated us, but like I said it didn’t stop us. So in the morning we started with breakfast at Appleby’s and we both agreed that this was by far our favourite place we ate for breakfast. After breakfast we wanted to go to grand central terminal which for us was like a 20/30 minute walk in the rain and snow, we got very cold and very wet but to see grand central terminal it was all worth it. Because we walked there and back by the time we got back to our hotel we were soaked through so we decided to take a pit stop, have a bath and get changed out of our wet clothes, by this time the snow and rain had stopped (it didn’t last long) we decided to head back out, went shopping and took another pitstop at another recommendation from Courtney called tonic, she told us we had to try the Philly cheese steak which is exactly what we done with a side of nachos and mozzarella sticks which were amazing. We ended our day with a second bath, basketball and juniors cheesecake (another recommendation from Courtney) I went for the red velvet cheesecake (I was torn between that and the carrot cake cheesecake) and Marko went for the devils food cheesecake, I absolutely love cheesecake and this huge slice of cheesecake definetly didn’t disappoint. 

Forth and final day and we had so much planned, because we couldn’t do what we wanted to do the previous day because of the weather we had to fit everything in on the last day and the last few hours we had left, this was Brooklyn bridge, statue of liberty, Wall Street and the 9/11 memorial, we also managed to pass the f.r.i.e.n.d.s apartment en route to Brooklyn bridge. We did manage to fit it all in and had an absolute blast, it was all so amazing and it was such a great way to end our holiday.

So there we have it, our trip to New York City, I had one of the best times I’ve ever had, we had an amazing time and it was so nice to be able to just have some time just the both of us. One thing we both agreed we wouldn’t miss was the constant beeping, from the moment you wake up to the minute you go to sleep all you hear is beeping, genuinely think drivers beep just for the fun of it. Other than that we had the best time and we cannot wait to visit America again (different destination next time though) 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it & just an FYI the photo in my feature image is all my own photography with a small adjustment using a filter. 

S x 

5 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. Hi Sarah! Wow, New York is amazing! Thank you for this lovely post. I’ve shared it with my friends on Facebook and I’ve really enjoyed my visit to your blog :). PS. You two are adorable couple! Greetings from Croatia!

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