Busy busy bee

Hey guys and happy Monday

So at the end of January I posted what I wanted my February goals to be and since then I haven’t actually published another post and I thought what better way to explain myself than to write a post for you guys.

Short and sweet really so first things first I’ve been extremely busy working, new film releases, I’ve picked up so many more shifts and it’s recently just been half term so I’ve been run off my feet, work was rammed every single day I worked and I personally find it hard to find the time to get a blog post written (I know I really need to start planning ahead) and because of work being really busy it’s caused my anxiety to actually kick my arse. I have been the moodiest person ever (sorry marko), I’ve been getting home from work, eating, showering and going straight to bed cause I’m just ridiculously tired and because of that I just haven’t really wanted to sit down and write until now. So yeah that’s really all it’s came down to as to why I haven’t actually posted anything since I posted my February goals, it might not seem like a lot but I feel like I have been nonstop busy throughout the whole month so far and we’re only 19 day in. I know I definitely haven’t hit those goals I set so how about I set them as my March goals? I feel like I’ve said so many times about how much I actually love to write and I really want to start getting more content out for you guys, no matter how many times I say it I really need to start sticking to it.

On a more positive and happier note I’m going to New York in 8 days yes NEW YORK CITY in EIGHT DAYS which I am ridiculously excited about if you can’t already tell. It’s mine and Marko’s 2nd year anniversary while we’re out there and it’s actually our first holiday together just the two of us so I can’t wait to spend some quality time together just the two of us, having no worries to think about, and being able to fully relax. My brother is coming to look after mr Lou Lou while we’re away which we’re so grateful for and we know he’s going to be looked after well.

This does mean that I’m going to silent blog wise again from the 26th Feb-4th/5th March but don’t you worry guys I’m going to be taking soooo many photos and I’m already excited to get a blog post written when I get home and fill you guys in about what we got up to. 

Until then I do plan on getting another one or two blog posts up before I go and I want to get plenty in my drafts so that I’m prepared for when I do get home. I’m determine to improve and so ready for you guys to read more of my content. 

S x 

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