My favourite all time movies

Okay it was originally meant to be my top 10 favourite movies of all time but once I got thinking and looking through my dvd collection I sorta got carried away so I’m just gonna list off all of my favourite movies of all time for you guys, this is in no particular order. 


The Parent trap (1998) Yes I’m in my 20s but this movie has and always will be one of my favourite movies, I don’t know what it is about it but I just getting fully engrossed whenever I watch it. It makes me want to go/work at a summer camp and makes me want to dip biscuits into peanut butter. 

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Beauty and the beast- Both the old and the new version of beauty and the beast I absolutely love and I’m going to be completely honest I did shed a tear when I watched the new version, it was so good and I just couldn’t hold it in. 


Pretty woman- Urgh this film, my mum introduced me to this film and I can’t thank her enough for it because I absolutely love it, this film makes you realise to never judge a book by its cover and I love that about it. 


Dirty Dancing- Another film introduced by my mum, it’s something we love watching together and it’s such a great film, I’ve gotta admit when I was a little bit younger me and my dad used to always try and do the lift but we always failed miserably. 


Armageddon- I love this movie and no matter how many times this movie makes me bawl like a baby I just cant get enough of it, I know what happens from start to finish and I know when I’m going to cry, tissues are always at the ready for this one. 

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Homeward Bound- Both these films have been a favourite of mine since I was a little girl and even now at the age of 24 I still absolutely love them. I asked Marko if he had seen them before and he said he had never even heard of them, this shocked me to the core and means only one thing, I’m going to make him watch them with me. 


Lion King- Do I really need to say anything about this film, and yes I still cry when mufasa dies and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love all of the Lion king movies but the 1st one has to be my favourite out of them all. Ive also seen it in the theatre and I’ve gotta admit I was crying within the first 5 seconds of it starting, being a drama graduate the theatre show just gave me so many different emotions and I’m dying to see it again. I also cant wait for the live action version of the lion king. 


Cast Away- A film that might not be a lot of people’s favourites but I actually really enjoy watching this film and you cant forget Wilson can you. 


Titanic- Classic favourite, great all round film, great cast and I will no doubt cry at this film, main bit when the boat is sinking and the kids and old couple are in bed, breaks my heart every single time. 


Coyote Ugly- Again another film that me and my mum absolutely love watching together, and it’s one of these films that I just love watching, I can never get bored of it.


Hollowman- This one may seem odd to some people for being an all time favourite film and I have no idea why it is, I grew up watching it and it’s one of those films thats always remained a firm favourite in my movie choices and I never understand why. 


Pearl Harbour- Nope nope nope, this film hits me in the feels every single time I watch it and yup you guessed it I cry like an absolute baby whenever I watch this, it’s such a great story, the acting is amazing and over all it has to be up there as my top 5 favourite movies. 


Footloose (2011)- This film makes me want to dance whenever I sit down and watch it, absolutely love the actors who play the lead roles, Julianne Hough & Kenny Wormald. All in all it’s an absolutely great film and I love watching it. 


Planet of the apes- Okay so I can’t just pick one planet of the apes films as a favourite because they’re all so bloody amazing, the newer versions that is, these are films that I can watch over, over and over again and still not get bored which must get annoying on Marko’s behalf because I will always try and make him watch them with me, I just can’t help it I love them so much. 

So there we have it, my all time favourite films the list could go on forever with films I love but these are the films I could watch 100 million times and still love them. 

What are your favourite movies? 

S x

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