Blogmas Day 24- My year in pictures


So it’s Christmas Eve and I thought what better way to do today’s blog post than to look back on my year, in picture form. I’ll attach my favourite photos from each month. 

Lets start of with January. 

My 4 favourite photos from January, starting with the day me and mr Lou got caught in a downpour, 2nd, and 3rd photos are from Siobhan’s 21st birthday meal and the last photo is my favourite photo of Louie in January. 

Moving onto February, my 5 favourite photos, and I first wanna apologise to the girls for the top picture, this was our work night out and from the photo you can tell we all got a little bit too drunk but I love this picture, 2nd picture is also from the work night out and its of me and one of my best friends Georgia. 3rd photo is of course of mr Lou and was taken while we were away, but just look at that smile. He may hate it but the 4th picture is a sly one I took of Marko while we were in Munich. 5th picture is of me and my beautiful best friend of 18 years Siobhan, and the 6th is another one while we were in Munich where me and Marko actually got stranded for an extra 2 days because he booked the wrong flights home. 7th and 8th pictures are from another work night out, where I only managed pre drinks because I wasn’t feeling too great, so I ended up going to McDonald’s then going home to bed. 9th and final picture is another of me and mr Lou, he loves morning cuddles in bed. 

Month number 3 March, and these are my top 5 pictures of the month. Lets start with the top 2 these 2 pictures were taken on the 1st March which is mine and Marko’s anniversary, we went out for a lovely meal then just snuggled up in bed and watched tv. 3rd photo is the first day we moved into our new home, the next chapter of our lives begun then. Of course another photo of Louie next for picture number 4 and it’s the first picture I took of him in the new garden which he loves but always tries to eat the stones. and the 5th and final picture for March is this picture of the 3 of us which I find hilarious. 

Onto April now and it seems like that was a month to take loads of pictures of Louie, also thrown into the mix is a picture or me, Kelsie and Georgia, the bottom two are from my trip up home, 2nd from last is of me and one of my beautiful friends Courtney at her baby shower and the last is of course a selfie of myself before a night out and debuting my new hair. 

May looks like it was a very busy month, the photo of Louie was actually taken before I went home but for some reason its made its way into the May section, followed by picture of my parents and I and our family dog. Picture next to my dad and I is actually a picture that was taken on Louie’s 1st birthday, we had a family day out and he loved it. We then have another 2 pictures of me and Marko, one of which he’s probably going to kill me for but it’s actually one of my favourites, followed by yet another picture of me and Georgia then 2 pictures of another work day out, this time we went to a trampoline park then to the park for a picnic and games. The last 3 pictures are from a day in London for a BBQ at Marko’s dad. 

Half way through the year now, onto June we go, top photo I understand I’m an ugly sleeper but again Lou loves morning cuddles, then moving onto more pictures of Louie of course which were taken before and after his haircut, the difference is crazy. Next 2 pictures are of the day that Lou made a new friend, my friend from work Vikki brought her dog Finn round for a visit and they had the best time running around the garden then drinking from the paddling pool. Next is the day me & Marko decided to have a water fight, yes we’re adults but we actually had so much fun. Another picture of me and Louie of course and ending with me & Marko on a very rare date night. 

Start of July was when my parents came to visit to celebrate my mum’s birthday and I loved having them here and they definitely love taking photos just as much as I do. Then again are you guys surprised ending July with pictures of me and Lou. 

Into August and the start of the month saw another night out with a few of my work girls. A few days later me, Marko, Siobhan and Jordan then took a trip to London for the day, we went to the museum and had some lunch, it was a very fun day. The day after London was actually the day me & Marko booked up for New York which is now only 65 days away eeeekkkkkk!!! Then the end of the month saw Louie’s first surgery, poor baby looks so sad in this picture. August was also the month that I started this blog and it’s one of the best things I’ve started, I absolutely love blogging and I’m hoping the more I do it the better I get at it.

September, almost near the end of the year, first 2 pictures are from when I decided that I wanted to spend the whole day cooking and baking so that’s exactly what I done, I made this amazing chicken Mac and cheese and a summer fruits crumble, it was the first time I had made one so it wasn’t that great but was still super delicious. Marko started to play football in September so I captured the moment Lou was sat on my knee watching him play. September was another month my parents came to visit again, this time it was to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday and I must admit the bottom right picture is one of my favourite ever pictures of my dad, I stole this off his phone, he was taking selfies while we all got ready. 

October saw the arrival one of my oldest friends beautiful baby daughter Esmae, it also saw more football watching with mr Lou, at this point it got very cold now so we were having to wrap him up in coats and blankets to keep him warm resulting in him falling asleep, it also saw a lot of autumn walks round the park. 

Oh what a busy old month November was, started the month with yet another trip to London, this time to see Boyce Avenue at the Royal Albert Hall, followed by a trip back up north, this time it was for the christening of little Anna and for a cheeky little early birthday night out. I then celebrated by 24th birthday which was lovely I had a beautiful meal with my amazing boyfriend. We then celebrated Georgia’s 21st birthday with a trip to later zone which was hilarious, this was the first time I’d ever been and I took is so seriously. And ending the month with mr Lou’s haircut a day before his surgery. 


And now we’re into December, we started off the month with poor mr Lou’s second surgery, we then had a snow day which was super exciting, then my works Christmas party. 

So guys that is my year in pictures, I understand we still have 6 days left of the year, but after tomorrow’s Christmas Day blogpost I’m going to take like a week break till after New Years eve, I didn’t actually realise how tough this whole thing was going to be. Don’t get me wrong I’ve absolutely loved it but I definitely need a break after this and start to put together new blog post content for the following weeks or months to come.

I’m now going to spend the rest of my day watching Christmas films, baking cookies, eating endless amounts of cheese and crackers & drinking red wine.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I will be back for my final blogpost of 2017 tomorrow evening with a round-up of my Christmas Day. 

S x

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