Blogmas Day 23- Favourite winter lipsticks

I feel like I’ve constantly been doing this lately but I’m going to start with an apology, tiredness is no excuse for a blog not being great, but I’ve had such a busy day, I was in town by 9:30 this morning finishing my Christmas shopping then I had a shift at work which felt like the longest shift ever so yeah I apologise if it’s not great but I promise I’m trying my hardest, I underestimated how hard blogmas actually is, blogging ever day for 25 days is pretty tough, but I’m still going. 

So I’m going to show you my favourite lipsticks that I love to wear over the winter and Christmas season. 

So I’m going to start with the Cheryl lip kits and as soon as I saw these colours get released I knew I needed them in my life and they were only £9.99 and you get the lipstick and lip pencil. For me I prefer the red one because I’m more of a fan of red lip shades, but I do wear them both equally as much. However much I love these lipsticks it does say that they’re matte but as soon as you eat or drink it does come off, that would be my only downfall about these, as I love a good matte lipstick. 


Moving onto Rimmel and I must admit I’ve had this Kate moss lipstick for so long now and I still love it, this one isn’t matte, but still is a lovely shade. 


Still on Rimmel and another one of my favourites as you can see by how low the lipstick is, again another one that isn’t matte but again its such a lovely colour when it’s on. 

Moving onto Kiki Milano now and I kid you not, these two lipsticks are my 2 favourite lipsticks I’ve ever owned, they last 8 hours and the colours are absolutely amazing. I’m a fond lover of a strong red lip and this is by far my favourite ever shade of red lipstick. 

As I only have 6 favourite winter shades it’s going to be a short post tonight, so again I apologise but there’s only so much you can say about lipstick aint there. I thought I’d do like a swatch test on my arm though so you guys can see the lipsticks on skin, they go in order of the pictures. 

I also realise that 3 of them are very similar colours, just a slight change of colour depth.


Although I did say these are my favourite winter colour lipsticks, to be quite honest I would wear these shades on a day-to-day basis, especially the red Kiko Milano one. 

This post has now made me want to go on a lipstick shopping haul. 

S x

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