Blogmas Day 22- Gift guides for him & for her

Please say I’m not the only one and I really didn’t want to do this, but I’ve left some of my shopping till the last-minute, yes I’m having to do it tomorrow on the eve of Christmas Eve, am I crazy? To make it worse I’m actually going to be on a time limit tomorrow as I’m working 3-9, although I do know where I need to go and what I need to buy so hopefully I can get it done super quick and maybe fit in a film before my shift.

So for anyone who is like me and very last-minute I thought I’d do a quick gift guide for him and for her, both in one as I thought it’d be super easy. I’m going to admit everything is going to be from either Debenhams or boots because I’m just loving their Christmas sections.

Okay so if you’re being last-minute and still struggling to find your dad, brother, granddad or partner a gift then simply just head to boots and they have tons of different gift sets, from jack wills, super dry, and ted baker, they’re not ridiculously pricey either. I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of buying gift sets but if I just can’t decide on what to buy someone then they will for sure be getting a one. So here’s just a small selection on the gift sets from boots.

Boots £12.50

Now onto Debenhams, I realise that 3 are the same but I think they’re really good gift ideas especially if someone loves a specific sport.

Boots £12.50-2

Moving onto the ladies now and I must admit out of the 8 gifts that I’ve found 6 of them are from boots.

Boots £12.50-3

So I’m gonna kick it off with just a few bits from boots no7 gift sets and I must admit they’ve smashed it this year, I want it all, amazing prices too when you think its no7 and they’re gift sets. Little heads up though as it is only 3 days till Christmas stock maybe limited in some boots stores, so go quick if you still need gifts for the ladies in your life.

Boots £12.50-4

Ending with again majority beauty gifts with a bit of David Attenborough thrown in there and if you don’t like David Attenborough then you need to leave. Again such an amazing selection of gifts and for the price you can’t really complain.

Hopefully this helps you last-minute shoppers out a little bit and you manage to finish your shopping on time, apologies the gifts are from two shops only, other shops probably do have really good gift sets too but these are two of my favourite shops to buy gifts from I’m not gonna lie.

S x

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