Blogmas Day 20- Early present exchange

So this morning I done an early Christmas present exchange with 2 of my best friends Georgia & Kelsie, we had such a laugh, we were meant to do it tomorrow and make a day of it, so Christmas films, hot chocolates etc, but Georgia got a little bit too impatient and wanted to do it a day earlier so instead of a full Christmas filled day it was just a present exchanging morning but still just as fun.

I don’t know what I enjoy more giving gifts or receiving them, because when it comes to giving gifts I get so anxious and nervous if the person is going to like what I got for them but then I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to opening gifts either I feel like there’s so much pressure on you and for me my facial expression says everything, I could say I like the gift but my face will be saying something else. But I loved every single one of the gifts the girls got me. 

My friends know me very well and know certain things that I love so I’m going to discuss each thing in 3 different sections, I promise it’ll make more sense once I go on. 


So lets start this off with candles, I can’t be the only one who is obsessed with candles, I must own so many candles and more now. So off the top of my head I believe Georgia got me everything in this image bar the star candle, I’m gonna get killed if I got that wrong. The hot air balloons are so bloody adorable, they’re tea light candle holders and Georgia got me them because she knows that I want to ride in one which I thought was a super cute present, not much description I can go into with the wilko candles other than they smell lush. So the star candle is called Gin Fizz and omg you guys this candle smells amazing, Kelsie made me burn it straight away and it’s such a great smelling candle, for anyone that loves candles just as much as me it’s from next and apparently they have different flavours too, Georgia got a gingerbread one. 


No surprise here with my love for elephants but I love every single one of these presents and I’m not going to lie I almost cried when I seen the adopt an elephant gift, Georgia has actually adopted an elephant for me and I couldn’t be happier, I swear my house is just going to be full of elephant ornaments everywhere, I just need to find a place for these 2 super cute ones. I’m also a sucker for a cuppa tea or coffee so I can’t wait to use my new mug. 


And my last little section is a mixture of things, from socks, chocolate, motivational cards and a soap and glory set from Georgia’s mum which we weren’t expecting but I found really nice. I’m a sucker for a lot of things which you guys have probably already gathered but one thing I love especially around the winter time is fluffy socks so the 3 pack of cosy Christmas socks were amazing and I’m so ready to wear them, I’m also known to be a fond lover of prosecco so the prosecco princess socks are me down to a tee. I also bloody love the motivational quote card, it comes with 12 cardboard quoutes with a little wooden board from them to sit in and i absolutely love it. 

This is the first Christmas me, Kelsie and Georgia have actually exchanged gifts and I must say I loved doing it, I did start to struggle with a few gifts of what to get them but they absolutely smashed it out the park for my gifts, and I dunno about them guys but I’m so ready to do it next Christmas. 

S x 

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