Blogmas Day 19- Favourite Christmas scents

First things first I apologise that this may not be the best blogpost but I’ve had a busy day and I’m currently in London having a family celebration but today I’m going to talk about my favourite Christmas scents and to be quite honest I only actually have a few favourite smells over the festive period so again it’s going to be a short post.

For me there is no better smell in your house over the festive period then the smell of the festive fragrances that come into the shops.

 I have one scent that I will ALWAYS without a doubt have in my household and that’s the glade winter warm hug candle and to make things even better I also purchase the air freshener too so my house is constantly smelling of this amazing scent. If you’ve never smelt this then you really need to because it’s one of my favourite things to smell over the festivities.


Another of my favourite scents is actually a new candle that I purchased a few months ago and it’s actually only a Tesco own brand candle called Fig and Mulberry and I kid you not I am obsessed with this smell just as much as the winter warm hug. For me I like different rooms of the house to have different smells so right now this candle is in my kitchen so whenever I’m cooking dinner or writing then it’s such an amazing smell to have in the air and each candle is only £1 and actually lasts for a decent amount of time depending on how often you burn candles. 


Something I don’t actually own but have smelt and I wish I did actually own and it’s the Zoella Christmas candles, cosy Christmas and festive cookie, they both smell absolutely amazing and I’m obsessed with Zoella, so maybe next year these will be burning somewhere in my house. 

Again like I said at the start of this blogpost today is not going to be a great day for writing or content because I’ve had such a busy day and for some stupid reason I haven’t actually pre wrote any of my posts and had them scheduled, rookie mistake I think, it would’ve made my first blogmas a bit more successful if I done this, but hey ho I’m still managing to actually get posts written and published on the day they’re meant to be so it’s still all good. Also doesn’t help with today’s post that I only have a few favourite Christmas scents. 

S x 

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