Blogmas Day 17- Gift ideas for pets

So I haven’t done a gift guide for him/her yet (that may come tomorrow) but I thought hey let me do a gift guide for pets. So I thought I’d do a guide for dogs, cats and small animals, I’m going to be honest everything I look at is probably going to be from pets at home because I love that shop. So I’m going to start with the perfect gifts for your dogs. 

 So I’m going to start with this adorable fairisle dog throw, I absolutely love it and it’s only £20 from pets at home. 


I don’t know about anyone else but I absolutely love getting Louie cute little jumpers, coats and costumes, last year he was actually a reindeer so I wanna go for something different this year, I’m thinking a snow man, but how adorable is the reindeer harness, again it’s from pets at home and for a large harness it’s only £12 so I’m guessing smaller ones will be lower. 

7126114_01Kinda in love with how cute this jumper is, again it’s from pets at home and it’s only £10, actually so tempted to buy Louie this as a present. 


I mean its only right to throw a pair of doggy pyjamas into the mix, I actually really wanted to get these for Louie but he hates things going over his feet, putting a jumper on him is hard enough but I love these, and they’re only £10 from yup you guessed it pets at home. 


Now we have dog clothes out the way, got a bit carried away there, lets move onto toys and as soon as I saw this is the Christmas section I just knew I HAD to get it for Louie, I mean who doesn’t love pigs in blankets ey, and they’re only £6.


I don’t think you can get cuter than this little fella to be honest, another thing going into Louie’s stocking for sure and only £9.

I could actually do a full post on just a gift guide for dogs  just because it would be everything I want for Lou but its only right I put in some gift ideas for other animals too, so lets move onto Cats. 


I’m not the biggest fan of cats, definitely more of a dog person but I found this Santa harness so cute and if I had a cat I would definitely put them in this. Only £9 


definitely found this cuter than I should have, it’s the Christmas Santa stick character cat toy and it’s only £2.50


Think it was the colour that drew me to this cute little cat bed, if only Louie was still small enough I would’ve for sure got him this, little pricier than other things it’s £24 

The Christmas section for cats wasn’t as big as the dog section but I think the things I picked out were super cute. 

Now onto small animals, I’ve seen so many adorable little things for your smaller animals, kicking off with cute little beds. 

So I died when I saw these cute little beds for your small little fur babies, the bed on the left is only £8 and the pouch is only £4 so cute and amazing. 


I would for sure have this as a cute little house decoration for myself but this toy is suitable for This product is suitable for the following breeds: Rabbits, Giant Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus, Rats, Gerbils, Syrian Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters and Mice and its only £7.


I love it when animal stockings containing treats and toys get made and this Christmas stocking is so adorable and is suitable for the following breeds: Rats, Hamsters Gerbils, Mice, perfect to even put inside another stocking and only £4.

Just like the cat section the small animal section isn’t the biggest to choose from but hopefully these gifts help you out. And again like I mentioned at the start all the gifts that I have included today are all from pets at home.

Maybe not the best gift guide for pets but I hope this has helped if like me you love spoiling for fur family member. 

S x 

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