Blogmas Day 15- Favourite Christmas adverts

We’re over half way through blogmas guys, only 9/10 days left depending when you started, and I’m still actually managing to post every day still, pat on the back for me. I hope you guys are enjoying reading my blogmas posts as much as I’m enjoying writing them. 

Something I look forward to every year about Christmas is the Christmas adverts and every year without doubt I look forward to the John Lewis one the most, so I thought hey lets list off my favourite Christmas adverts of all time. 

It’s only right that I start with the coca cola advert, it’s the advert I look forward to seeing each year and I think no matter how old I get I will always look forward to it. The first time you see it is officially the countdown to Christmas. 

I’m a sucker for the John Lewis adverts, no matter what the advert is about I will cry. So the first John Lewis advert I’m gonna kick off with is the man on the moon advert, omg this advert made me bawl my eyes out the first time I watched it, as you all know I’m such an emotional person so this advert just tipped me over the edge. Another favourite of mine is Monty the penguin, I love penguins so I loved this advert, and Monty is bloody adorable. Lets go onto moz the monster, I’m gonna be honest when I first watched this I wasn’t really feeling it at all but I watched it again and sobbed, such a cute advert. Actually lets just face it I love every single bloody John Lewis Christmas advert made. 

So the M&S Christmas advert for me was awesome, for someone who works in a cinema I havent actually seen the Paddington movies but I loved the idea of this advert and the way it was portrayed. 

The Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas advert which was titled Christmas is for sharing hit me right in the heart, such a heartwarming advert, such an effective and emotional advert too and one that will always be a favourite for sure. 

For me Christmas adverts came make you see Christmas in a whole new light and I love the thought that goes into every single advert every single year and I’m so ready for 2018 Christmas adverts, yes I just said that. 

S x 

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