Blogmas Day 14- Christmas on a budget

I definitely should’ve started my Christmas shopping earlier, I started at the start of December, very last-minute I know, but now we’re 11 days away from Christmas Day and I still have presents to buy and it’s really starting to make me panic, why do I do this to myself year in year out.

So if like me you’re very last-minute at buying gifts and you’re having to work on a budget cause we’re half way through December and all your work pay has gone on previous gifts or paying off New York for me then I’m gonna try give you guys a few I hope helpful tips to help you get on your way to finishing your Christmas shopping. 

So tip number one is something I always follow and it is it’s the thought that counts, for me if I see something that I think someone will like I will buy it, it doesn’t have to be super expensive it could literally be a £3 gift from primark for instance but if I see it and someone pops into my head then it will be getting bought. 

Tip number two is think out of the box, this year for instance I’ve decided to go all DIY on a few of my gifts and I have pinterest to thank for that, again even making your gifts don’t have to be majorly expensive, one of my gifts for example is costing me no more than £5 but it’s such a super cute idea. 

Tip number three, not every gift has to be serious, you can actually get some really cool novelty gifts that I’m sure a family member or friend would absolutely love and again it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Tip number four, something a little different and something I got from a friend cause I’m ridiculously tired and my brain aint working is buying a gift/gifts beginning with the person’s name, could be very tricky but could also be very interesting to see what you come up with.

And last but not least tip number five, setting a budget while on a budget, why don’t you set yourself a budget for each person and you must stick to that budget, weather that budget be £10 per person or £50 per person, again could be another interesting way of seeing what gifts ideas you could come up with.

And remember what I said in tip number one guys, it’s the thought that counts. 

Hope this has helped. 

S x

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