Blogmas Day 12- Christmas Q&A

I thought I’d do a bit of a different post today, so I thought it would be really fun to answer some Christmas related questions.

So lets start this.

Are you excited about Christmas?

Okay my mind changes every single day when it comes to Christmas, it sort of depends what I’m doing or the mood I’m in really. So I got excited as soon as December 1st hit, but that soon went, I wasn’t doing anything Christmasy so my festive mood just dropped. I’d also been stressing out when it came to planning Christmas Day and that only got finalised on Sunday, I’d been so stressed trying to decide what to do but our amazing best friends Siobhan and Jordan kindly offered us to go to their house and spend the afternoon of Christmas Day with them so my festive cheer was back up & to make things even more festive tonight is my work Christmas party, already got a blog post planned for it. So to fully answer the question yes I’m so bloody excited for Christmas now. 

Do you like flurries, blizzard, or no snow on Christmas?

As you guys can probably guess from my snow day blog post I absolutely love snow, so I would have to say I love a good snow blizzard on Christmas, as we have already had the snow I think it’s gonna be highly unlikely that I wake up on Christmas Day morning and there’s gonna be snow, which makes me sad. 

Real or Artificial tree?

So right now we have an artificial tree that was pre lit but I would absolutely love to own a real Christmas tree, only problem about having a real tree is how much mess it makes and how much the tree shavings I wanna call them fall on the floor, Louie will try to eat anything he sees on the floor so no doubt he will try to eat the tree shavings. But for sure at some point I need to buy a 9ft real Christmas tree. 

Do you like giving or receiving presents more?

So growing up I’d always love to receive gifts but the older I’ve got I now prefer to give gifts and this year especially I’m so excited to give people my gifts, especially one of Marko’s, it’s been planned for about a month or so now so I can’t wait to give him my gifts this year for sure. 

 When does the Christmas Season officially start for you?

The Christmas season for me officially starts the first day I see the Coca Cola Christmas advert, don’t get me wrong I’m super excited as soon as my birthday in November has passed for Christmas but as soon as I see that advert it’s officially Christmas to me.

What is your best Christmas memory?

So family holidays were always a big thing for me growing up, I genuinely think that we went on holiday at least once a year, and one memory that will always stick in my mind is spending Christmas in Spain. I remember I was out playing with my friends at the time, I must have only been around between 4-6 and my dad called me inside and asked me and my brother how we would feel about spending Christmas in Spain because he had found a holiday, I mean when you’re a kid just the word holiday excites you so I agreed straight away, next thing I knew my dad had booked the holiday and we were leaving 2 days later, my mum was shopping at the time and I ran over to the shop to tell her we were going on holiday. Because I was so young I still believed in Santa and I was so adamant one night while on holiday that I saw Santa’s sleigh, and this is one of the best Christmas memories that is always in my head. ( I blame my friend Katie for the very long answer to this question)

Okay I think I might have to leave it there other wise you guys will be reading an essay, not like most of the answers are long always, I do apologise. 

S x


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