Blogmas Day 10- Snow Day

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and it was white, I don’t think I’ve ever  been so excited to see snow in my life, poor Marko was fast asleep and I just screamed OMG and jumped out of bed. I mean I realise I’m 24 but I haven’t seen snow like this in so long, I just wish it was like this on Christmas morning. So all the photos that I’m going to attach are all photos that I’ve taken today. Photo credit to my friend Ryan who captured my beautiful featured photo. 


I bloody love snow days, there’s nothing I love more than being snug in the house, with the radiators on high, eating crappy food, drinking endless amounts of hot drinks and watching tv, today I even decided to bake again, this time just normal Christmas cookies and I had so much fun decorating them. 


Finished product of a few of the cookies, I actually managed to make over 40 of them I just need to finish decorating them all, but I had such a chilled afternoon baking, especially with the snow falling outside. 


So Louie isn’t allowed on walks yet because of his surgery but I couldn’t resist taking him out into the snow, holding him at all times of course, we managed to get this super cute photo. 


We also captured this photo of the 3 of us, Lou wasn’t too interested in this photo though.

Nice short post again today, but after all it is a snow day so I haven’t really been up to much and it is also a Sunday and no one really does anything on a Sunday do they.

If any of you guys had snow where you were today I hope you had a fabulous snow day and remember to be careful.

S x 



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