Blogmas Day 6- Easiest & hardest person to buy for

Okay so I hope other people are like me and struggle to buy presents for certain people in their family or friendship groups, every year is the same for me and every year I seem to struggle with the same people to buy presents for. Below are the people I buy presents for and I’ll explain who I struggle to buy for and who I love buying for.

So the people I buy Christmas presents are






Siobhan & Jordan (our best friends) 

Georgia (friend)

Kelsie (friend)

My easiest person to buy for by far has to be my mum and I bloody love her for it, she has to be the easiest person in my family to buy for period. With my mum I can switch it up every year, we’re very similar when it comes to presents, I know what she loves and what she doesn’t so yeah my mum is the easiest person to buy for. 

My friends Georgia and Kelsie are also very easy to buy for, this is the first year we’re buying presents for each other and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m not the sorta person to buy silly presents but there’s this one present I’ve just had to buy Kelsie, I’ve told her she’s either gonna love it or want to punch me in the face there’s no in between. 

Mine and Marko’s best friends Siobhan and Jordan are also on the list of easy people to buy for, we know what they like so when it comes to them its easy, they live together too which is a big help, I must admit I love buying for couples too. 

Marko is in the middle for being easy or hard, sometimes I think of so many ideas that I think he’ll love and sometimes I’m like nope he won’t like this. I could easily just get him Fifa points and he’ll be happy ( I know you’ll read this Marko so don’t get any ideas) but this year I’ve had his presents planned since like October or November and I cannot wait to give him them. 

Now let’s get onto them awkward little buggers who I struggle with year in year out, I’m gonna start with my brother, he’s 28 and is the fussiest person I know, I feel like no matter what I get him he either a) won’t like it b) wont need it or c) just won’t want it, it’s as simple as that with my brother, I just hope this year he likes what we get him.

As well as my brother I also struggle with my dad for presents, I think every single year I will ring him and ask him if there’s anything he actually wants/needs because I’m just always so unsure on what to get him, it actually happened this year I rang him and asked what he wanted because I just didn’t know what to get him, I have ideas now. 

And the last person I struggle with is my granddad, I’m not gonna lie I get my granddad exactly the same present each year which is a football calendar because he loves football so much, it’s not me struggling but it just makes me life so much more easier to get him something I know he’s gonna like than getting him something that he doesn’t like/need.

So there we have it, the people I find easiest and hardest to buy for, I hope at some point this changes and I start to be able to buy presents for people without help.

S x

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