Blogmas Day 3- Annual Family Christmas Photos

I’m someone who absolutely loves to take photos, I take them at every given opportunity so when Christmas comes around I will always have my phone or Polaroid close by ready to capture special memories. I thought I’d attach some pictures I’ve taken over the last few years for this blog post today so enjoy. 


Starting off with the pets of course, our family dog Max on the left being all festive in his Santa hat & of course our baby Mr Lou dressed as a reindeer last year, he hated it but he looked adorable. 

Next my amazing parents, these were taken 5 years ago and I must say these are my favourite Christmas photos of us. 

Annual Miles family photos, as well as the photos of me and my parents the right one of these two pictures has to be a favourite. 

And of course, now I have my two boys I can’t forget our Christmas photos. Last year was our first Christmas together so there’s going to be plenty more photos to come of our Christmases together. 

And there you have it, short and sweet post tonight, although it’s short I’ve made this post with the biggest smile on my face just remincing on all of these memories. 

S x

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