Blogmas day 2- Festive Films

I’m a sucker for a good ol Christmas film, so as soon as I think its acceptable (usually middle/end of November) I whack out the Christmas films and suddenly I’m a kid again. I find it so hard to pick an all time favourite Christmas film cause I just bloody love them all but if you can’t already tell from the picture above I’m gonna let you guys know my favourite films and why I love them (in no particular order) 

Home alone 1 & 2 

The Grinch


The Holiday

Love Actually 

Jack Frost 

Polar Express 

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 


Okay so lets start with Home Alone 1 & 2, I mean do I really need to explain why I love these films, for me these films are Christmas classics and without fail I will watch them 10+ times over the Christmas period, if you don’t love these films then just leave please. 

The Grinch, this bloody film man, I just love it and for some reason at the age of 24 I will ALWAYS cry at this film, I’m such an emotional person anyways but this film just does it for me, let me explain why. It’s the scene where the Grinch ruins the holiday cheer mister ceremony and Cindy Lou looks up and says ‘I just wanted everyone to be together at Christmas’ urghhhh that part of the film man. Obviously I don’t live at home anymore and its a rarity if I get to see my family on Christmas which sucks but majority of the time we’ll be working over the Christmas period and cause we live 200+ miles away from each other its hard. So yeah, I’m 24 and I admit that I cry at the Grinch. 

Elf, BUDDY THE ELF, WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR. Just like Home Alone if you don’t like this film then just leave, this film is absolutely hilarious and is something that I could watch over and over again. Will Ferrell is the perfect actor to play this role I genuinely don’t think anyone could have pulled it off better than him. 

I’m a sucker for a good ol romantic film and the holiday is something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, its one of those films where I love to be snuggled up on the sofa with a cosy throw, the lights dimmed low and a box of chocolates by my side.

Love Actually for me another Christmas classic, again just like the holiday this is a film where I love to be snuggled up with a tub of chocolates, this film is something that I have to watch alone cause Marko just isn’t a fan.

Jack Frost, I feel like not a lot of people are a fan of this film but for me this film is bloody amazing, the concept of this film makes it for me, I dunno what it is  but there’s just something about it and I make sure that it gets watched every single year, and of course my emotional little self sobs like an absolute baby at the end. 

Polar Express, another film I feel like not a lot of people would necessarily like as much as other Christmas film but I actually find this film so cute and love watching it year after year. 

And last but not least a film that I have watched for years, especially with my dad, national lampoons Christmas vacation, I find this film absolutely hilarious and like I said it’s something that I used to watch with my dad every single year and we’d both be crying with laughter. 

So there we have it my favourite Christmas films.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post

S x





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