Blogmas day 1 – Festive traditions

So I understand that I’m still pretty new to blogging but I thought hey I’m gonna throw myself into the deep end here and do BLOGMAS and I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not sure I’ve prepared myself for how tough this is going to be though, blogging everyday while I still get on with my normal day-to-day life, looking after Mr Lou who has just had surgery AGAIN today and juggling work during the Christmas period, but I have all my Christmassy posts prepared (minus all the pictures) and I’m ready to do this and I’m excited for you guys to read all my posts. 

So just a quick little intro for people who don’t know what blogmas is it’s basically like vlogmas where youtubers vlog every day leading up to Christmas and every vlog is Christmas related, my life isn’t interesting enough to be a vlogger hence why I chose to become a blogger instead, so for blogmas I will blog every day from today up until Christmas Day and every post will be…  yes you guessed it, Christmas related. 

So lets kick this off, it’s December 1st and day one of blogmas woo-hoo

Today I’m going to be talking about Christmas/festive traditions, to be quite honest I don’t actually have many traditions, I really need to make some new ones. I don’t know about anyone else but my number one Christmas tradition is having Christmas Eve pyjamas, this is something I’ve always done, I used to always do it with my mum growing up but now I’m older I do it alone but always rope Marko into it too. For me my Christmas Eve day time is just me preparing for Christmas Day, decorating the table, preparing the food, making sure the house is clean etc, all the adult things, then in the evening the Christmas candles will be lit, the radiators will be put on and pyjamas placed on them, a bubble bath will be ran usually accompanied with a glass of wine, then its time to snuggle up on the sofa under a cosy throw with a tub of chocolates usually celebrations and the Christmas films get played, my usual Christmas Eve film HAS to be the grinch. 

Another festive tradition of mine that I do every year without fail is watch the top of the pops Christmas special on Christmas Day, I think I’ve done this every year since I was a kid and it was a proper family tradition for us to do whether it was on in the background as we ate our dinner or we just had a good ol boogie along to it and even though I no longer live at home it just doesn’t feel right if I don’t have it on the tv on Christmas Day, I’ll always message or call my parents too making sure they have it on so we’re still kinda doing the tradition together even if we ain’t together. 

A new tradition that only started last year for me is celebrating Christmas twice, yes I  actually get to celebrate Christmas TWICE lucky me ey, you’re probably all wondering why this happens, it’s because Marko is Serbian Orthodox meaning with his religion they celebrate Christmas on the 7th January. Don’t get me wrong he celebrates on the 25th December like normal with me but on the 7th January we travel to London to see his family and celebrate Christmas all together and this is something new to me but I absolutely love it.

Hope you guys enjoyed 

S x


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