So recently I’ve been reading this story on twitter about a young lady named Cyntoia Brown, for anyone who hasn’t heard about or read this story I’m going to attach the image that I’ve been seeing all over my feed so you can see/read it for yourselves. 


So there you have it, this story for me is absolutely heartbreaking and angers me to my core.

I found out today that this incident happened in 2004, that was THIRTEEN years ago and there was a documentary about it 3 years ago, I have no idea how I’m only now just finding out about this when I’m always on social media. People might not want to read this but because it has resurfaced I am going to write about it and share my views. So this happened 13 years ago and she’s still in prison now meaning she is going to be at least 29 years old. First things first about this story is that I 100% believe that she shouldn’t have been sent to prison for this, and I definitely don’t think she should only be eligible for parole when she’s 69. This is just so wrong on so many levels, this young girl at the time was protecting herself, she was being DRUGGED, AND RAPED by so many different men for days before she was PURCHASED by a 43-year-old man who was going to USE her for SEX, this in itself disgusts me but what happened to the poor girl after all of this just upsets and angers me and something needs to change. The second thing that annoys me about this story is that she 16 when this happened therefore she should be tried as a juvenile but it turns out she was tried and convicted as an adult which resulted in her life in prison verdict, if she was an adult when this incident happened she could have been sentenced to death which would have just been absolutely wrong. How in the right mind can the justice system still be allowing her to be behind bars for this when all she was doing was protecting herself and in a case others, for all anyone knows if she didn’t kill this man in self-defence I must add again how many other children, teens, women would he do this to before he himself got put behind bars. You may have noticed some of the words I’ve put in capitals and I done that just to point out big and bold what was happening to her, yes I know it will still be the same if it was a normal size font but the words just need to stand out above anything else in this post, because I don’t think I can say it enough but what happened to Cyntoia should never happen to anyone ever. 

So as I mentioned there was actually a documentary about Cyntoia and her story 3 years ago and I’m actually surprised I hadn’t seen it before tonight so I thought as I’m writing about this I have to watch this documentary and see what actually happened during her trial etc and after watching it I’m still adamant that she is innocent and that she killed this guy in self-defence, I cannot begin to imagine what she was going through during her teenage years, everything this poor girl went through is truly heartbreaking and disgusting and I would NEVER wish anything that happened to her on my worst enemy. 

I hope this brave young lady gets the chance to be able to be eligible for early parole before she is 69 and the justice system actually realises that she is innocent and she done this all in SELF-DEFENCE. Lets #FREECYNTOIABROWN


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