I’m just gonna write

So lately I’ve been reading up on some potential post ideas I could write about because I want to start mixing things up and stop doing bog standard posts ( I do have stuff planned for the upcoming month) and one idea was to just write so yeah I’m just gonna write tonight and hopefully you guys enjoy reading it. This is going to be a post full of a mixture of topics really some you might think are a bit odd but I’m just gonna write anyways and probably gonna ramble on more than I should. 

First things first last night I saw the Coca Cola advert for the first time and lets just say I got a little bit too excited, I was in bed watching the X Factor (I’m loving Rak-Su by the way) and it came on and poor Lou was sleeping, I squealed that loudly I woke him up bless him. For me as soon as I see that advert it’s officially the countdown to Christmas. Saying that I bought some new Christmas decorations today and if the shop wasn’t so busy and Marko and Louie weren’t waiting in the car for me I could have spent so long in there, but unfortunately I was straight in and straight back out.

On the topic of the countdown to Christmas, another thing that gets me excited for the countdown is something not actually Christmas related but it’s I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE. Omg I cannot begin to explain how excited I got about the return of I’m a celebrity tonight and it was a great start to the series, I’ve gotta say though my anxiety was through the roof watching the first two challenges especially the plank. Me and Marko were talking about which one out of the plank or jumping out of a plane would we chose and for me I definitely would have to pick the jumping out of a plane to the plank, the way that thing wobbles just puts me on edge man, I’m a bit weird (yes I’m happy to admit that) but I just don’t like heights when I’m outside, I’m fine with being in aeroplanes and being up high as long as I’m secure and inside but as soon as it comes to being outside and being up high I’m the worst and will just freeze, but then again even with the jumping out of a plane I would have to be pushed out otherwise I wouldn’t want to do and I would probably just freeze. Marko on the other hand said that he would do the plank the crazy fool, he said he’d prefer that then plummeting to his death, I mean he’s exaggerating a bit there but yeah. As well as the main show I’m really looking forward to watching extra camp this year too, I love the presenting team and think they’re going to gel really well together. 

So I’m going to apologise about this right now before I even talk about this just in case any of you are wondering what the hell are you talking about this for but I tweeted about this earlier and I’d really like to see people’s suggestions. Okay I absolutely LOVE winter its my favourite season but one thing I cannot stand about the change in the weather is how bad my poor lips suffer, I get the worst dry lips ever and no matter how much lip balm or exfoliation I do my lips will still be ridiculously dry, so really I just wanna know if anyone has any tips or daily routines I could do to help protect my lips through the winter, cause I’m sure every girl will agree with me that dry lips is not a good look. 

Another little paragraph asking for suggestions and probably my last one in this post as I think it’s a good place to end, as I said at the start of this post I do have stuff planned for this upcoming month for my blog which I’m actually really looking forward to start and that is I’m doing  blogmas. For people who don’t know what blogmas is I’m basically going to be blogging every day from either the 30th November or the 1st December (I haven’t fully decided yet) up until Christmas Eve and each day its going to be a post all Christmas related, I do have a list of 25 different things to write about but I would love your opinions on what you guys would love to be seeing or reading over the Christmas period. So all comment’s would be hugely appreciated and I really look forward to the upcoming posts. 



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