Urghhh I’m getting old

I wasn’t sure about posting this cause it might not be everyone’s cup of tea because I’m basically just talking about what I got for my birthday etc but I actually really enjoyed writing this so I hope you guys enjoy it. 

So yesterday I turned 24, yes it’s really not that old but I’m now one year closer to 25 and SIX YEARS away from being 30 and that’s bloody scary man. 

For it being my birthday I genuinely had a very chilled day, for me I feel like the older you get there’s nothing big and special about birthdays anymore and they can be seen as any other normal day except you get presents, cards and special treatment. 

Talking about presents and cards, I thought I’d share with you guys what I got. So first things first my family gave me money that I’m putting towards New York which I’m so grateful for. 

Next are presents from 2 very close friends, first I’m going to show presents from Kelsie and I’ve gotta admit when she gave me my ‘joke’ presents I cried laughing so much. So basically my friends especially Kelsie and Georgia know how much I cant wait to get married and have children so much so Kelsie decided to get me the following as presents which I found hilarious. 


So I knew that I was going to get something alone the lines of wedding or baby related gifts and I’m not going to lie I bloody love these and one day they will come in handy. Saying that Kelsie didn’t just get me these gifts, she knows how much I love elephants and my actual present she got me is absolutely beautiful and I’m in love with it. 


Next are Georgia’s presents and again these are presents that I love and they’re very practical for my adventure to New York. 


So like I said I absolutely love these presents and they’re gonna come in so handy, we’re going to New York at the end of February so Georgia knows its going to be cold so she got me the cutest beanie, gloves and cosy socks which are actually really cosy. She also got me a neck pillow for the journey, so practical cause I’m the worst person when it comes to sleeping on journeys I’m all over the place. She also got me a big apple cocktail mixer which I thought was so cute and I cannot wait to use it, as well as all of these things she decided to print out all the different places and things we could while we were there. and last but not least she got me one of the best wine glasses I’ve seen and it’s literally perfect for me. 

So my best friend got me this beautiful bunch of flowers with a balloon which I absolutely love, I’m sure every girl loves receiving a bunch of flowers just as much as I do, I mean sometimes I’m the worst person when it comes to keeping flowers or plants alive but this time I’m adamant to keep these alive. 

I don’t know if it’s just me or if other people are the same but I absolutely love getting cards and I always keep my cards its just something I’ve always done and I just love keeping them to look back on. 

Presents and cards out-of-the-way, I spent my birthday evening in the company of my wonderful boyfriend, we decided to go for food and drinks at Pizza Express, we both love the food here and the atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed my night. 


Outfit wise I decided to just go for an off the shoulder khaki top, light blue jeans and thigh high boots and I paired it with a black clutch bag. 



Lastly my make up look which for once I actually loved, for my eyes I used my morphe palette which is 35T I believe and lips I used Cheryl’s new lip kit in the shade greige. 

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