Fun Filled Weekend

So as you all know this weekend me and Marko came back up north to Sunderland for the weekend and I’ve loved every second of it, we were originally meant to be travelling back home tonight but Marko thought that he’d stay up late last night on Fifa with my brother and now he’s too tired to travel home. 

We started our weekend with some food and drinks with a few of my friends which was awesome, unfortunately we had to end our night a little earlier than planned cause both me and Marko weren’t feeling too great, but I got to see my friends who I haven’t seen in a while and it was lovely to be able to have a catch up. 

Saturday we had a nice chilled day, both me and Marko still weren’t feeling too great so we just decided to take Louie for a trip to the beach which he absolutely loved, yes I know it’s the middle of November and it was so bloody cold but it was such a lovely day out and we really enjoyed ourselves.

And today was the main reason we came to visit and the day I’ve been excited for for so long, the beautiful Anna Violet’s christening, I mentioned previously that I was the last out of our group to meet Anna and the wait was definitely worth it because she is bloody amazing, she’s such a little character, watching her get christened was so funny because she just wouldn’t stay still she’s such a little mover. I also got to reunite with my girlies today too, we’ve been friends now for like 8 years which is craziness so I couldn’t wait to see them and be together as our clique again, we had so much fun and I loved being back with them. 

First of all how bloody amazing are these decorations and little Anna’s cake, hats off to Courtney and Tom for doing all of this hard work for their little girls special day. 

Finally ending this post with the remaining photos of today and I must admit I love every single one of them, I was ridiculously happy that I got to spend today with a group of my favourite people. 

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