Hello November



YAY!!!! We’re finally in November, this is by far one of my favourite months of the year followed by December of course, and this month I actually have things planned other than just working or being stuck at home, so basically this post is just going to be me telling you guys what I have planned and how excited I am about it all. 

Although I’m not actually doing anything for it, its bonfire night on Sunday, unfortunately I can’t do anything for it cause we have Louie and we can’t really leave him alone when fireworks are going off all night, but I had an idea of just driving somewhere and watching fireworks from the car with the dog that way he’s not alone and I actually get to watch the fireworks which is my favourite thing about bonfire night. 

So first things first something that I actually have planned, next Wednesday the 8th me and my friend Georgia are heading to London to go see Boyce Avenue, I absolutely love these guys and I’m so excited to see them, I’ve seen them once before when they supported One Direction on their first tour and ever since then I’ve always listened to their music. It feels like just yesterday we booked these tickets but we booked them back in JANUARY, a few days prior to the tickets going on sale me and Georgia were talking about how much we’d love to see them then a few days later I saw the post on Facebook announcing their tour and straight away I tagged Georgia and here we are, a week to go and we’re seeing Boyce Avenue and best of all we’re seeing them at the Royal Albert Hall which is such a beautiful venue, I cannot wait. 

2 days after Boyce Avenue I’m going home home (back up north to Sunderland) I’m literally so excited to be going back home, I’m getting to catch up with people I haven’t seen in months, and I get to see my family again. I was planning a big night out as it’s the weekend before my birthday but I just can’t hack the hangovers anymore so we decided on just food and drinks, but when I think about it me and my friends love a good drink and are just as bad as each other when it comes to being bad influences it’s going to be like a reunion cause I haven’t seen them in so long so I’ll still end up with a very sore head the next day I think. 

And to end my fun weekend at home I’m getting to spend my Sunday at the christening of my gorgeous friend Courtney’s baby daughter which I can’t bloody wait for, she’s just over 5 months old now and I’m the last of the group to meet her, she is such a beautiful little girl and has the best personality, whenever I watch videos of her I’m always smiling and laughing so I cannot wait to finally meet her and catch up with my girls again, the girls actually get to meet Marko for the first time as well, which I’m pretty excited for but also pretty nervous and I dunno why. We’ve been together over a year and a half now but they’ve never had the chance to meet him so yeah that’s something to look forward to. (Girls I know you’ll be reading this so be nice haha) 

The only part I hate about going home is the fact of leaving everybody when it’s time to come back, it always goes so quick and I feel like I never get enough time with everyone buttttt on the plus side when I get back I get to celebrate my birthday, I’m turning 24 eeeek, I still don’t actually have plans for my birthday yet but I reckon I’ll just do the bog standard meal and drinks with my closest friends can’t do anything major as my birthday is on a Tuesday this year and a lot of my friends have work or uni the next day so for sure its just going to be something small but after all I am only turning 24 so it’s not a major birthday anyways. 

At the end of the month Georgia turns 21 so I’m looking forward to celebrating that with her, she’s planned a day at laser force with her 2 other friends who are also celebrating their birthday too and a group of their friends. I’ve never actually been to laser force before so it’s going to be a fun day, and we get food at the end of it too which is everyone’s favourite part really ain’t it let’s be honest. 

As of now that’s the only things I have planned in November and its all happening in one big clump so once that’s over my countdown and excitement will be towards CHRISTMAS!!!

Ending this post with another apology about my lack of posts, I looked today and noticed I haven’t posted in nearly a month and that’s pretty bad, I started really good with posts every day or every other day but then I just stopped, I just got busy with work and just didn’t know what I could possibly write about, but as soon as today came around I knew I had stuff to write about. I’m hoping this post pushes me to get back to my normal day-to-day posts because I actually love blogging so I really need to get back to it. 


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