Is it too early for christmas films?


 Not the longest of posts today, but I got a little excited writing this one

Ok so recently I had a friend text me and ask me is it too early to watch Christmas films, my answer of course was it’s never too early to watch Christmas films, one of the things I look forward to almost all year apart from my birthday obviously is Christmas, I just love christmas, everything about it and this year I’m even more excited, because me and Marko have the house now we have so much more room which means only one thing MORE DECORATIONS, I’m already planning on getting a wreath for my front door, I’ve seen baubles that I love (I go for a different colour theme each year) smelt so many christmassy candles, Primark have a gingerbread flavoured one and it smells bloody amazing man. I think I can be the worst person to shop with especially if the shop sells candles I will literally smell every single candle, Marko always asks me what is it with me and candles, whenever I see a new one that I love the smell of I just buy it (I think I have a problem) but I must admit there’s nothing I love more than a cosy autumn/winter evening, wrapped up in a cosy throw, beautiful smelling candle burning, hot chocolate and a good film, pure perfection. 

Ok so back to the question, is it too early for christmas films? For me it’s not, as soon as I see a christmas film on the tv I’m sat right in front of it glued to the screen, the photo at the top are my favourite christmas films and in all honesty I think that’s a bloody great line up of films, I have a tradition on christmas eve and I’ve had it for many years now, I ALWAYS have christmas eve pyjamas, my mum used to buy me them but ever since I moved out I buy them myself now and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore I’m not going to lie, so yeah new pyjamas every year, then I have a lovely hot candle lit bubble bath, get in my fresh pyjamas, make sure I have fresh bedding on, then I get wrapped up on the sofa and my christmas eve film I ALWAYS watch is the Grinch, it’s the film I watch before I go to sleep cause it just makes me feel all happy and I must admit at the age of 23 I do still shed a little tear at that film but saying that I’m a soppy little bugger and I cry at anything and I mean anything, depending on how my day is going I will cry at a bloody silly little tv advert, I’m such an emotional person man.  The thing is I don’t actually think I could rank these films from my favourite to least favourite either cause they’re all awesome films and writing this post is making me want to watch one now.

I’d just quickly like to apologise about the lack of posts recently, the last week or so I just haven’t been feeling myself and just really didn’t want to blog, I know on my recent posts I said I’d be back to my daily posts but sometimes I really do struggle with content to write and when I’m not feeling great I just tend to shut down but the upcoming weeks and months I have stuff planned that I definitely plan on blogging about so yeah should hopefully be back to the daily posts in no time. 





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