This kinda thing annoys me

Ok so tonight’s post is something that I didn’t actually plan on talking about but I felt that after recent events I just had to vent a bit and write about it. So I want talk about the recent attack in Las Vegas. I know in myself how much I’m going to want to swear in this post but I’ve been advised by Marko not to so I’ll keep it in, you guys are just going to keep seeing a lot of I’m annoyed, this annoys me etc etc. 

When I read about the Las Vegas attack this morning I was so angry and the more I’ve read about it today as we were getting new information it angered me so much more, the latest on this attack is that the attacker was a 64-year-old man, the attack has killed 58 people and at least 515 people have been injured, the attacker was found dead in his hotel room (it’s believed he shot himself) where the SWAT team found AT LEAST 10 guns in the room with him, this in itself annoys me, how this man managed to get 10 or more guns into a hotel without getting detected baffles me, I mean I know you are legally allowed to buy guns in America but how no one detected anything suspicious or odd about this man just confuses me, yes I understand that he could just look like any regular guy checking into a hotel but surely someone must have detected something odd about him. I read that he had checked into the hotel on Thursday and the attack happened on Sunday evening, meaning he was in the hotel for 3 days sussing out how he was going to execute his plan, it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. What baffles me is what goes on in someones head for them to want to kill innocent people who are just trying to enjoy something that they love just for their own satisfaction. It’s crazy to think that there were at least 22,000 people attending this 3 day festival and he probably knew there was going to be a large crowd and knew this would be the best opportunity to execute his plan, he knew that this would cause atrocity and so much heartbreak to America, its been said this is the deadliest mass shooting America has seen and this just upsets and angers me. How many more times does this act of pure evilness have to happen before they eventually make guns and any dangerous weapons illegal to buy in America, this man had TEN GUNS for goodness sake TEN. When the attack happened this man was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay hotel and casino that overlooked the festival site, he had the perfect view to execute his evil plan without anyone really knowing where the shooting was coming from. People went to this festival and planned to go home after it, back to their day-to-day lives, back to their friends and family, the heartbreak their families must be feeling right now is truly upsetting and heartbreaking for me to even imagine. 

I was speaking to Marko earlier about how much these sorta things annoy me, I vented to him a lot about it and he told me that he had tweeted about the attack earlier, he also told me what someone had replied to his tweet and well what can I say again I was so bloody annoyed and truly gobsmacked. Marko’s tweet read ‘What is happening in Las Vegas right now, this is why guns should be banned’ Perfectly right tweet to write in my eyes cause again I do believe that guns should be illegal. Someone then replied by saying ‘No, this is why all Americans should be armed’ Ok I’m sorry but I couldn’t disagree with this response more, I definitely don’t think that everyone in America should be armed, I personally don’t think anyone ANYWHERE should even own a gun or a dangerous weapon, I think this would cause even more crimes and attacks on innocent people. Guns should be illegal in my eyes and I don’t know how many more times I could say that in this post. Again how many more times do INNOCENT PEOPLE have to lose their lives for the government to realise that this NEEDS to be made illegal. 

I could say that this sort of things doesn’t scare me but then I’d be lying because it really does scare me, I want to live my life to the fullest, I want to go to concerts and festivals and travel on tubes and other transport without feeling scared that something is going to happen to me. I do push it to the back of my mind but as soon as these sort of attacks happen it comes straight back to the forefront of my mind and I just can’t help but worry. A friend of mine said to me at work today that you risk your life every single day stepping out of your front door, anything could happen to you which I agree with 100% and that its very unlikely to be caught up in a terrorist or any other sort of attack but the thing is I’m a big worrier and it does still scare me and that’s a horrible thing to think of that you’re scared to live your life incase you get caught up in this evilness that people are pushing against the world. 

I send all my thoughts, prayers and love to the families and loved ones of the injured people caught up in this attack and to the families and loved ones of the innocent people who lost their lives in this attack, may they forever live on in your hearts. 



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