Milestone birthday celebrations




First things first I apologise for not blogging in a long time, my parents have been visiting and I’ve wanted to spend as much quality time with them as possible which I have and I’m absolutely gutted that they leave tomorrow, we’ve had so much fun while they’ve been here and I just love them both to pieces. But I am back now and I’ll be back to my daily blog posts. I already have so much I’m planning to write about. 

I feel like today is going to be a very short blog and just contain more images.

Today’s blog is very special to me, so while my parents have been visiting we celebrated a milestone birthday, my dad turned 50 (even though he was telling everyone he was 35) as you all know I’m very family orientated so my parents coming to visit and actually getting to spend this birthday with my dad meant so much to me, the only thing missing was my brother, it sucked him not being here to celebrate with us, but he had to look after our family dog and work. The night before I had balloons and banners to put up, usually my dad goes to bed reasonably early this night he stayed up later and I was just sat patiently waiting for him to go to bed so that I could get the banners and balloons up, trying to be quite was pretty difficult cause they’re staying in our spare room which is directly above our living room but I successfully managed it, he woke up the next morning and said he knew what we had planned cause both me and my mum woke up at 6:45am on his birthday baring in mind I usually sleep till at least 9-10am on my days off from work, think I was just excited for it to be his birthday. It was a chill day to be quite honest dad likes to do that, so we done some shopping, had some drinks then in the evening we all went for a meal at a place called Miller and Carter which was bloody beautiful, so like I said overall it was a very relaxed day but the main thing was that my dad enjoyed his day and he did thoroughly. One thing he had no idea about was the fact that we had a cake made for him (I was going to make one but it would have went terribly wrong) so yeah we got him a cake made and he absolutely loved it, as did we all the cake itself was so yummy. 

So as I said at the start I feel like there’s not much I could say about the birthday itself, its one day and it went so quickly so I’m just going to put on the pictures that I had taken and leave it there really. 

First picture is the main man himself, my amazing dad and his huge balloons. (which he now has to take to Manchester then back home to Sunderland.


The next two pictures are of the cake we got made and dad with the cake.

This photo has to be one of my favourites, my beautiful parents.


And last but not least a photo of me and my dad, not the best picture, but Marko decided that he would mess around while taking our photo so this is the best we could get.


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