The confession tapes



So if you know me you will know that I love anything to do with murders/crimes etc, books, tv programmes and what not, recently I seen a lot of people watching the Netflix original series called The confession tapes, straight away after reading what it’s about I knew this was going to be right up my street. I knew my friend Robyn had been watching it so thought I’d get her opinion before I started watching it, she said it was amazing, it was similar to making a murderer which I became hooked on and absolutely loved, I can’t wait for the second series, she told me that it made her want to smash her tv, and I’m not going to lie this pushed me to wanting to watch it even more, so that’s exactly what I done. In total there’s 7 episodes and last night I managed 5 episodes, this morning I managed to watch the last 2, I knew I couldn’t go to work without watching them all and Robyn was right I wanted to smash my tv, these 7 episodes all made me so angry and it really did make me question the authority in America back in the 80s-90s (I hope it’s still not the same now) the way officers think it’s totally acceptable to tape someone and put words in their mouth, brainwash them and convince them that they committed a crime that they didn’t is just wrong on so many levels.  Also the fact that not the whole interrogation was filmed just baffles me, It’s like the police just wanted to tape the confession and nothing else just to put an innocent person away, we as viewers of this series don’t and won’t ever know what was said to these innocent people when the tape wasn’t recording. The police say that if they confess they will get a lighter sentence which I think is complete bs because that didn’t happen, they made them confess and they still got life behind bars, it’s just so wrong that an authoritative figure could actually do that, and how they can believe the ‘confession’ even when there’s evidence that the defendant didn’t commit the crime, it just baffles me. Another thing I don’t understand about these episodes is why they convince someone to believe they committed the crime, that person/people go to jail and the actual murderer is still out there while an innocent person is serving life imprisonment without the chance of parole. Why don’t they look back on all the relevant evidence they have and put the right person behind bars, instead they basically ruin someones life just because of a brainwashed confession which they intended to do. I would also love to know why there wasn’t any lawyers present when the police were interrogating these people and brainwashing them cause I believe that if there were lawyers present I definitely don’t think the police would have been interrogating them the way they did and I 100% believe that the right person would be behind bars today instead of an innocent man/woman.

I would absolutely love to talk about each episode individually and give my opinion fully but I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t watched it or plan to watch it hopefully the above section doesn’t do that for you, I also don’t want to go into a huge rant about how much this show annoyed me and make you guys read a massively long post, although I think I just slightly ranted above, I could say a lot more but I’m choosing not to and letting you guys watch it for yourself and make your own opinions.

What I will say though is that I highly recommend this series, if like me you like anything to do with crime and murders and became slightly obsessed with making a murderer then you will do exactly the same with this programme.

If anyone does start watching this I would love to know your thoughts so please leave comments on this post.

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