The countdown is on

In a week and one days time (yes I’m precise) my parents are coming down to visit me and Marko and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to see them, the last time I saw them was in June, we tend to go months without seeing each other and I’m not going to lie it’s horrible, I’m such a family orientated person so I love doing stuff with my family and spending time together, so them coming down next week is so exciting, they’re only here for a week but while they’re down here we’re going to be celebrating my dads 50th birthday so I’m super excited about that. Although I know I’m going to be working while they’re here I still know it’s going to be amazing having them here.

I remember the first time my parents came to visit and my dad done something I didn’t like and I replied by saying you’re in my house and under my roof you do what I say, he used to always say that to me when I lived at home so I love being able to say it when he gets on my nerves (which is a lot) with me and my dad we both know which buttons to push with each other to rile the other person up so when he wants to annoy me he knows exactly how to, none the less I cannot wait to see him man. The thing with me is I’m such a daddy’s girl but my mum is like my best friend, I’m very lucky to call them my parents, they will literally do anything for me, I wouldn’t say I was spoilt per se but they love me and as they like to say ‘you’re our baby’ so yeah I love them man.

So yeah my dads turning the big 50 while they’re visiting and I’m so happy that I actually get to spend it with him I think if they couldn’t come to visit it would have really upset me and I would’ve been gutted but they’re coming down and we get to spend it all together minus my brother which sucks. Usually I’m prepared present wise for family members but this year I’m really struggling with what to get him, it doesn’t help that he’s so fussy, what is it with men being fussy to shop for? So yeah I need to get my thinking cap on and get a present sorted. I spoke to him recently actually and was like c’mon dad give me some ideas of what you want, he replied with I need some new jeans, JEANS, he wants a pair of bloody jeans for his 50th birthday is he having a laugh, I mean I’m happy to buy him some jeans if that’s what his heart desires but I mean cmon he needs something else other than just jeans. (places thinking cap on) IMG_3928
img_3935.pngIMG_3936Yup they love a snapchat filter nearly as much as I do. 





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