An update on Mr Lou

So my first blog about Louie done really well and has been my best viewed blog to date so I thought hey why don’t I do a quick little post, nothing majorly long and give you all an update on how he’s doing.

As you all know Lou recently had surgery on his knee, and for the first week he was an absolute nightmare, he was so aggressive, because he had a cone on his head he would always take it off with his feet so whenever we tried to put it back on him he would go crazy and start biting us, he did eventually calm down and he’s still having to wear the cone now until tomorrow but he’s just got used to it, the funny thing is when he has a itchy head but he obviously can’t itch it because of the cone so I just grab his face and itch it for him it’s the funniest thing to watch cause his leg just twitches. I also managed to get my sleeping patten back to normal too which I was so happy about.

So the update on Lou post surgery, he was back at the vets yesterday for his checkup and the vet was very pleased with how the wound had healed, all the stitches had dissolved like they were meant to bar one which still had a knot in but the vet just cut that out and said it should all be fully healed today, hence why he said had to wear the cone because both me and Marko were working. Finally he’s allowed to go for walks now too but only 5 minutes to get him back in the swing of things then week by week the walks are allowed to increase by 5 minutes which is great. Overall me, marko and the vet are all happy with his progress and his finally back to his normal self now he’s just move of a diva now, obviously he can walk fine on his leg but as soon as you look at him he starts to limp, then he’ll jump up on the sofa with his front two legs and wants you to pick him up, such a bloody diva that dog is.


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