Ticking it off the list

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to write this post today, it’s going to be about a destination from my bucket list, the one I can say I’ve sort of ticked off the list and the one that I’m most excited about. Today’s post is going to be about New York!!!

 It’s been a dream of mine for god knows how long now to go to New York, if I could I definitely think I would live there, like can you imagine actually living in New York bloody city, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world so living there would be beyond amazing.

 Recently me and Marko booked up to go at the end of February next year (yes I’m actually going to New York City and I cannot bloody wait, eekkkk!!!!) we’re going to be there for our 2nd year anniversary (yup he’s put up with me for a year and a half so far and I really don’t know how, he’s doing well) and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a trip in my life, this is mine and Markos first holiday away together just the two of us, we’ve always been in groups with friends or family so I’m really looking forward to spending some quality alone time together and it’s in my favourite city so it can’t get any better than that really can it? Originally it was meant to be a surprise for Marko but of course we had a bit of a tiff as you do and I ended up just telling him which I regretted the second I chucked the papers in his face, I had originally planned to book a holiday inn in Times Square but once he found out he had different ideas and wanted to change it so now we’re staying in a hotel near Central Park and a 15 minute walk to Times Square so it’s still a great location, the hotel wasn’t a big deal to me it’s not like we’re gonna be spending much time in there anyways, but from the pictures I’ve seen online its looks great and it has some great views, perfect for photo opportunities. 

 The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is definitely the sight-seeing and when I told Marko this he was like nah I’m looking forward to the shopping which I was shocked by and it’s totally vice versa to the usual answers we both have, I bet a lot of my friends would agree with this too because I bloody love my shopping but for me this time sight-seeing definitely trumps shopping. We’re only in New York for 5 days and 4 nights so we’re going to need to try fit in as much as we can which I’m sure we will. I remember the first thing Marko asked when we first booked this trip it was how long is the flight, when I told him over 6 hours his face dropped, his reply was what am I meant to do for over 6 hours, simple reply really sleep or watch films, I mean that’s what I’m gonna be doing, we land in New York at like 2:30pm so we have that afternoon to explore a bit before we head to bed cause knowing my luck I’ll suffer from jet lag and I love my sleep, my logic is if we get a good night sleep that night we can get up early the next day and get straight onto sight-seeing.

The other day Marko sent me a snapchat, I really didn’t know what to expect but when I opened it I let out a little squeak of excitement, he had only gone and changed money into dollars, when he got home and he showed me it I actually thought it was fake money it just feels really weird, but I’m so excited that we’re finally getting round to changing our spending money, a lot of my friends and family are giving me money for my birthday and Christmas so I can put that towards the trip too. I remember saying to Marko that I wanted to frame some money (yes I’m actually that weird and like doing that sorta thing) however Marko did agree to let me frame a dollar bill.


As well as going to New York overall I’d absolutely love to spend Christmas & New Years Eve there too, I can just picture in my head how beautiful and magical it will be, I think for me when I watch home alone- lost in New York which I start watching maybe late November, early December it just kicks off the excitement in my head and I just wanna jump on a flight and go. The UK is pretty shitty when it comes to having a winter, all I want is some bloody snow, is that so hard to ask for, having snow for me just kicks off the festive season that little bit more and just makes me even more excited for Christmas, but in the UK we get like the tiniest bit of snow (if we get any at all, for Christmas it’s usually bloody sunny) then it turns into slush and no one likes the slush do they? 

I know its like 5 months away yet but I’m planning ahead (I like to do that) so expect a blog in March when I return (if I haven’t died from excitement) about my trip to New York, I’ll post all my photos (which will be a lot) what I done and how I found the trip overall, I know I’m going to love it but I wanna let you guys know all the fun stuff I did and how I found my first trip to New York City. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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