My first autumnal look


Short and sweet blog post today


Yesterday I done my first autumnal look of the year YAY!!! and this is by far one of my favourite looks for the autumn season, although it was quite sunny yesterday there was still a bit chilly breeze and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress for autumn. The outfit is very simple, A long-sleeved white tee, high-waisted light blue jeans and a brown fur gilet paired with tan heeled boots. I’m also wearing my favourite EVER shade of lipstick, I love going for a dark lip in autumn and winter seasons I feel like it just kicks off your make up look that little bit more and theres just something about dark shades of lipstick that just suit me a lot more than natural shades do. This outfit is very easy to mix up a bit as well, going for a black long-sleeved tee with dark jeans and black boots also looks lovely too. 

There’s just something about autumn that I just love, the whole wrapping up all cosy and going for autumn walks, maybe even stopping off for a cheeky little coffee too, however there’s nothing I hate more about an autumn day then when you start out your day and its all chilly, dull and cold so you wrap up all cosy and warm then the sun decides to take its hat off and the next thing you’re boiling hot and you’re sweating your bits off. 

Baring in mind I’ve had these clothes well over 2-3 years now I’ll still let you guys know where I got everything from, just incase they do ever happen to sell similar looking items. 

Top, Jeans & Gilet- Primark 

Boots- New Look

Lipstick- Kiko 

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