My Bucket List


Bit of a small blog tonight I know but this is just going to be an intro blog to the future blogs about the bucket list. I love having lists so of course like many other people I have a bucket list, I’ve had a bucket list for many years now but to this day I’ve only sort of ticked one thing off it. I feel like my bucket list just grows and grows all the time, I will see something or someone doing something and think to myself oh I’d love to do that so of course I add it to my ever-growing list, no doubt throughout this blog the list will still grow more and more and things will get added. But for now in particular order my bucket list is as follows 

Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Photo/ Bathe an elephant ( I’d probably die)

Swim with dolphins

Visit New York – also for Xmas & new year

Ride hot air balloon at sunset or sunrise

Safari in Africa

Scuba dive in the Red Sea & Great Barrier Reef

Visit Dubai

Bahamas over water cabin

Ride in a helicopter

Travel America

Northern lights  staying in a glass igloo

Learn to surf

Visit Scradin national park (Croatia)

Visit Australia

Gondola in Venice

Having children

Getting married

Buying a house

Go on a cruise


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