My favourite cook books


I absolutely love cooking, there’s nothing I love more than playing some music, having a glass of wine and cooking a good meal. So I thought why don’t I share with you guys my favourite cook books and a few of my favourite recipes from each book, then maybe you guys could give them a try yourselves. Instead of putting all the books into one huge blog I’m thinking every Monday I will blog about a different book. Not only will I post about cook books but I tend to find a lot of recipes online so I will also include these in posts too. Today I’m going to start with my all time favourite cook book and its by the beautiful Charlotte Crosby. I’ve followed Charlotte’s fitness and healthy eating since she released her first workout dvd, I must admit though I do fall off track a lot when it comes to exercise but anything involving food and I’m all over it. 

I’m going to start with this Salmon and pesto salad perfect for a quick lunch. Salad can become very boring if you continuously have the same salad all the time, but this salad mixes it up a bit, you yourself can even mix it up if you don’t already like whats in it, me however I’m a big lover of everything in this salad and its so simple and easy to make. 


You can’t beat a good old pie and mash now can ya, this recipe is just pure comfort food, a deep dished pie stuffed with amazing fillings. I think with this recipe also it’s so easy to play around with your fillings and mix things up a bit, the same can go with your mash too, instead of just your bog standard mash, like it says in the book have a bit of a variety and go for root veg mash instead. 


Now this is one of the BEST things ever, I recently made these for myself, Marko and his step brother and lets just say they went down a treat, I mixed these treats up a little bit and instead of just having melted chocolate on them I melted some peanut butter and covered the banana in that and drizzled some honey over it, purely because one of my favourite breakfasts is peanut butter on toast with bananas and honey so I thought hey lets try this frozen and I loved it just as much as I love it when I have it for breakfast. For the bananas covered in chocolate I simply covered them with crushed pecan nuts but also left some of them with just plain chocolate, another recipe which is easy enough to make and easy enough to switch up however you like. 


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