Hello Autumn

Ok so technically I don’t actually think it’s officially autumn just yet but in my eyes it is. As soon as the dark nights come back I instantly associate it to be autumn. September through to December are by far my favourite months of the year, this could be cause I’m a winter baby born in November or it’s just purely because I love the cosy nights in, hot drinks, big wooly clothes and scarfs and just overall being all snug and cosy. Long autumn walks through the park with the dog, the colourful changing of the leaves while wrapped up all cosy is one of my favourite things to do, hearing the crunch of the leaves as you step on them, the cool breeze as the sun sets and dusk arrives, nice and relaxed then you arrive home make a warm hot chocolate… with marshmallows of course and curl up under a blanket and watch the tv, there really is nothing better. 

So recently I’ve changed my mind about coffee, for years I would never touch a coffee, I hated the smell and just the look of it really, but now is a totally different story I’m a changed woman and LOVE  a good cup of coffee, which even my mum was surprised by when I first told her, so one thing that I’m defiantly looking forward to this year is finally trying a pumpkin spiced latte and all the different festive flavoured coffee.

Another thing that shouts Autumn to me and means the countdown to Christmas is finally on is the return of The X Factor, I get far to excited whenever the show returns, its one of those shows that I just love spending my Saturday night in front of the tv watching with the occasional glass of wine. Tonight actually saw the return of the X factor and what an open to a series it was, out of the limited people we get to see on one episode there are people who stood out straight away to me tonight and I’m actually really excited to see how they progress on the show. Also strictly come dancing is back next week, another exciting tv programme I absolutely love to watch and the line up this year is awesome, I know I shouldn’t as it hasn’t even started yet but I do already have my favourites. Watching strictly every year just makes me want to get up and learn to dance especially the Charleston that dance just looks like bags of fun and I’d love to be able to do it but unfortunately for me I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. 

The build up to Halloween has also officially begun for me too, there’s a few things I actually want to do this year, now that I actually have a house instead of a flat and have plenty of room I’d love to host a Halloween party, decorating the house with loads of cobwebs, spiders, glow in the dark, creepy stuff etc and plan a fun-filled night, I’ve never actually hosted a Halloween party before either so I think it’d be so fun, also this may come as quite a shock to some but I’ve never actually carved my own pumpkin either so this is something that may have to happen this year too.

Another thing that I’m sorta umming and ahhing about is an event called Dr Frights Halloween Nights, every year they do a different theme, this years theme is called legends of horror, which involves clowns (no thanks) zombies, slashers and cannibal hillbillies. Basically what happens is you’re in a maze and you have to find the exit but throughout the maze is the different horror themes people jumping out at you etc, it does sound really fun and I think if you went with like a group of friends it would be really cool but the only thing that is really freaking me out  this year is that there’s gonna be clowns and I’m absolutely petrified of clowns if one jumped out at me, I’d either hide behind someone and cry or probably punch the poor actor in the face, other than that I would 100% be down for it, shall I face my fear of clowns and just do it? 

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